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Window on the Bay by Debbie Macomber

Window on the Bay by [Macomber, Debbie]
Welcome!  The Pawful Truth by Miranda James is out today.  It is the eleventh A Cat in the Stacks Mystery with Charlie Harris and his Maine Coon cat, Diesel.  Death in a Budapest Butterfly by Julia Buckley releases on July 30.  It is the first A Hungarian Tea House Mystery. 
Sig Sreedharan on Instagram: “An oldie but goodie... A crescent moon setting over Elliott Bay. Thanks for all the birthday wishes from my story! If you missed it, today…”

Window on the Bay by Debbie Macomber takes readers on a journey to Seattle, Washington.  Jenna Boltz just finished moving her youngest child into the dorm room at University of Washington.  After her divorce from her cheating husband, Jenna raised Allie and Paul on her own while working as an intensive care nurse as Seattle Central Hospital.  Jenna now has an empty nest and is looking forward to trying new things liked painting plus she wants to travel to Paris with her best friend, Maureen Zelinski.  Maureen and Jenna have been planning a getaway to Paris since they were in college and next spring will be the perfect time to go.  Jenna gets a call stating her mother has fallen and has been rushed to the hospital.  Jenna’s mother, Carol has broken her hip and Dr. Rowan Lancaster will be her orthopedic surgeon.  As Jenna gets to know Rowan, she admits that she is attracted to him.  However, Jenna is reluctant to get involved with another surgeon after the way her marriage turned out.  Rowan and Jenna begin dating and enjoy each other’s company.  Maureen accepts a date with with Logan who frequents the library where she works.  They may have books in common, but they seem to have little else.  Jenna begins dreaming of a future with Rowan when she learns something unexpected about him from her daughter.  What does the future hold for these two couples?
Pike Place Market - Seattle
Window on the Bay is the latest novel by Debbie Macomber.  I thought the story was well-written with steady pacing.  I enjoy Debbie Macomber’s writing style.  She manages draw the reader into her world and hold their attention.  I like that the main characters are two women in their forties who now have empty households.  Jenna and Maureen are likeable and relatable women (which Ms. Macomber is known for creating).  It is great that the two women are close friends and are there for each other.  Both women are divorced and have spent the last twenty years taking care of their kids.  Now is a chance for the two women to “spread their wings”.  Jenna wants them to finally take the trip to Paris that they had to postpone after college plus she is thinking about taking a painting class.  We also get to see a different perspective with Jenna’s eighteen year old daughter, Allie.  Jenna is making changes at home, which upsets Allie.  Allie may want to live on her own and discover who she is, but she does not want things to change at home.  This provides balance to the story and a different outlook.  Maureen and Jenna have dated sporadically over the years.  But they have been burned by their husbands, and it is hard to open themselves up to love and to trust another man.  Dating is not easy as we see with Jenna and Maureen. Each person learns something about themselves through the process.  It is never too late to grow and change.  The path to happily ever after is bumpy, but well worth the effort.   I admit that I related more to Maureen with her love of books and dislike of sports. I enjoyed the light humor sprinkled throughout the story and I appreciated that is a clean story (no foul language or intimate relations).  Jenna’s favorite spot in her home is her window seat with the view of Elliott Bay.  I could understand how she finds peace from looking out at the water.  It was nice there was an epilogue to wrap up the book.  Window on the Bay is a heartwarming book with a happily-ever-after that will please readers and reading it is a lovely way to spend a leisurely afternoon. 
The 10 Most Instagrammable Spots in Seattle #theeverygirl
Window on the Bay is available at Amazon and other major retailers.  Debbie Macomber's next release is A Mrs. Miracle Christmas which will be available on October 1.  I appreciate you joining me today.  Cliff Hanger by Mary Feliz is planned for tomorrow.  It is the fifth A Maggie McDonald Mystery.  May you have a rewarding day.  Take care and Happy Reading!

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The Pawful Truth by Miranda James

The Pawful Truth (Cat in the Stacks Mystery Book 11) by [James, Miranda]
Cat in the Stacks Mystery
The Pawful Truth by Miranda James returns readers to Athena, Georgia.  Charlie Harris has enrolled in the history of early medieval England taught by the enigmatic Dr. Carey Warriner.  Charlie is glad to see another mature student in the classroom, but Professor Warriner is less than thrilled by the appearance of Dixie Belle Compton.  Charlie is surprised when Dixie later shows up at his office asking to be his study partner.   Charlie is happy to have an excuse to turn her down especially after Melba warns him that Dixie is trouble with a capital T.  On Friday, Dixie fails to show up for class.  When Charlie arrives at home, he finds Chief Deputy Kanesha Berry waiting for him.  Dixie was found dead in her apartment and Charlie cannot help but wonder if Professor Warriner could be responsible especially after his recent uncharacteristic behavior.  Melba shares gossip that has been circulating about Professor Warriner and his wife, Dr. Irene Warriner who teaches in the English department.  Irene happens to be best selling Regency romance author who has a book signing at the local bookstore on Saturday which Charlie attends.  Unfortunately, the event goes sideways when Carey Warriner attacks a colleague.  The next day, another murder rocks the town.  The Ducote sisters pay Charlie a visit to ask him to do a little snooping in order to get the crimes solves in a more expeditious manner.  Charlie is happy to oblige, but this time his curiosity may get him killed.  
tabby Maine Coon cat #cat #mainecooncat #tabbycat
The Pawful Truth by Miranda James is the eleventh A Cat in the Stacks Mystery. There is background information in the first half of The Pawful Truth to aid those who are new to A Cat in the Stacks Mystery.  Personally, I suggest you begin with Murder Past Due. I always enjoying picking up the latest installment in A Cat in the Stacks Mystery series.    I thought The Pawful Truth was well-written and the pace moved along steadily.  Athena, Georgia is a small Southern college town with charming shops and some quirky residents.  I like the cast of characters which includes Charlie, Diesel, Melba, Azalea, Helen Louise, Stewart, Haskell, the Ducote Sisters, and, the newest member, Ramses.  I like that Charlie is an older protagonist along with his love of books.  He is a good man who loves his family, friends and fur babies.  Charlie’s family is included so we can find out how his daughter-in-law is doing after her bout with postpartum depression.  I can tell that the author has cats from the way she describes their behavior especially Ramses.  When Ramses uses Charlie’s leg for a climbing tree, she perfectly described how it feels to have those sharp little claws digging into your leg.  I just love Diesel’s little chirps.  Those two cats are such charmers and their antics had me chuckling.  The mystery had several viable suspects and there were good clues.  It is a whodunit that can be solved before the solution is revealed, but that did not deter my enjoyment of this cozy mystery.  I did feel there was to much speculation and repetition of case details.  I did like seeing more of Miss Dickce Ducote.  She has a mischievous side that likes to come out now and then.  We also get to meet to two new ladies who are administrative assistants at the college, and they provide some helpful information.  The Pawful Truth has rampant gossip, two suspicious deaths, a curious kitten, a distrustful spouse, a tolerant Maine Coon Cat, and an admittingly nosey librarian.
Careless Whiskers (Cat in the Stacks Mystery Book 12) by [James, Miranda]
The Pawful Truth will be out Tuesday, July 16 and can be purchased on Amazon (as well as Barnes & Noble, Kobo, iBooks).  The next novel in A Cat in the Stacks Mystery series is Careless Whiskers which comes out on January 21, 2020.  You can find the complete list of A Cat in the Stack Mystery novels here.  Thank you for visiting today.  I will be sharing my review of Window on the Bay by Debbie Macomber tomorrow.  I hope you have a remarkable day.  Take care and Happy Reading!

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Left Fur Dead by J.M. Griffin: Review, Excerpt & Giveaway!

Left Fur Dead

A Jules & Bun Mystery
by J.M. Griffin

About the Book

Cozy Mystery
1st in Series
Kensington (June 25, 2019)
Mass Market Paperback: 304 pages
ISBN-10: 1496720571
ISBN-13: 978-1496720573
Digital ASIN: B07HVS38YB

On Fur Bridge Farm, Jules cares for rescued rabbits. But when a killer strikes, she'll need a rabbit to rescue her . . .

Juliette “Jules” Bridge prides herself on the tender rehabilitation she provides for injured or abused rabbits on her New Hampshire rescue farm, but she has a very special relationship with one bunny in particular. Bun is a black-and-white rabbit who happens to have the ability to communicate through mental telepathy. Once she got over the shock, Jules found her furry friend had a lot to say.

One frigid March morning on their walk together, Bun spots a body. The police identify the frozen stiff as Arthur Freeman, aka Arty the Mime. Jules and Arty knew each other on the children's party circuit, where he’d perform magic tricks and she had an educational rabbit petting pen. With Bun egging her on, Jules decides it’s time they hop to it and put their heads together to discover who silenced the mime. But their investigation leads them down a rabbit hole of more suspects and lies, while a killer sets a trap for them . . .

About the Author

J. M. Griffin is the bestselling cozy mystery author of sixteen novels, including the Vinnie Esposito series. She lives in rural Rhode Island with her husband and two very mysterious cats. Visit her at jm-griffin.com.
Paradise Holland Lops

Author Links

Readers can connect with J.M. Griffin through the following links:  Website, Facebook, and Blog.
pierrot | Costume, Adult, Authentic Pierrot, Halloween Mardi Gras Theater ...

My Thoughts

Left Fur Dead is a cute cozy mystery.  Jules Bridge is the caretaker of Fur Bridge Farm which takes injured and abused bunnies.  She also breeds and raises rabbits as well as runs a store on the farm that sells yarn and rabbit related items.  Bun is Jules bunny housemate that she rescued from Margery Shaw who called the little fellow the devil spawn.  Margery just did not understand what Bun was trying to communicate.  Oh, I may have forgotten to mention that Bun talks to Jules using mental telepathy and he is a very curious little bunny.  When the pair find Arty the Mime dead in the snow, Bun is eager to investigate.  He has a nose for sleuthing plus he has keen hearing.  Jules is having trouble at the farm with someone breaking into the barn and opening the rabbit cages.  The situation continues to escalate, and Jules is worried about her little rabbit charges.  Left Fur Dead is nicely written and progresses at a steady pace.  I like the main characters of Jules, Bun, Sheriff Jack Carver and Jess Plain.  The mystery has a handful of suspects and there are clues to help readers identify the guilty party.  I did feel that the case was a little drawn out.  Weeks go by before this case is put to bed.  Also, Jules was a little reckless.  She put herself into danger more than once (and then what would happen to the rabbits).  There are some clever aspects to the mystery with a good reveal and a nice wrap-up.   Jules and Bun are cute together and I enjoyed their interactions.  Jess is a good friend to Jules, and I look forward to getting to know her better in future books.  Sheriff Jack Carver is a nice man with a sweet wife who loves to buy yarn.  Jack frequently tells Jules to keep her nose and Bun’s out of the case.  I did wonder why Jack told her this right after she found the body.  I have a feeling that Jules has tried to help Jack in the past.  Left Fur Dead is an upbeat cozy mystery with a dead mime, an inquisitive rabbit, a cunning killer, and a worried rabbit rescuer ready to hop to it to find the mime's killer.
Bunny Leopard harness ,hat and matching leash . Made to order ...

Excerpt from Left Fur Dead

Who was this dead person, and what was he doing by the lake? Inwardly, I shivered at the thought of him dying in the cold, and then turned my attention to what the sheriff was saying.

He waited for an answer to the question I hadn’t heard and then repeated it as he tipped his head in the dead man’s direction. “Are you familiar with him?”

“No, I don’t recognize him. Do you?”  I pointed to the dark spot. “Is that blood on the ground?” “It doesn’t concern you.”

Bun moved around, then wiggled his head out of the sling again. He watched the sheriff with keen eyes.  Jack gave Bun a glance, then offered me a cool attitude that surely meant he’d be asking the questions.

“You’re certain you’ve never met him before? Maybe he stopped by the farm, or you ran into him in town?” 

“Not that I know of. If I did come across him somewhere, he didn’t make an impression. Sorry, Jack.” We walked from the beach onto the upper part of the road where his patrol car sat running.  “Do you always walk with the rabbit?”

I smiled a bit. “Every morning. It’s good for us both.”  With a smirk, he nodded. “If I think of anything else, I’ll be in touch.” Jack tipped his hat-covered head and got into the cruiser. He drove off without a backward glance as I walked on while Bun chatted up a storm.

“Why was he so insistent on you knowing that man? Do you know him? Has he been by the farm? Why didn’t I see him if he did?”  “Stop talking long enough for me to answer you. I have no idea why Jack thinks I’ve seen the guy. He hasn’t been at the farm when I’ve been there, and that’s why you aren’t familiar with him.”

I heaved a sigh. “And, by the way, we aren’t going to get involved in the investigation, so get that idea out of your head right now.”

We've been making some changes to the bunny apartment 🐰 #bunnysquad #bunnies #bunny #bunnylove #bunniesofinstagram #bunbun #rabbit #rabbits…
Left Fur Dead will have you wondering what life would be like if your fur baby talked to to you.  Left Fur Dead is available through AmazonB&N, KoboGoogle Play, and IndieBound.  The next A Jules & Bun Mystery is Who's Dead, Doc? which will be out on February 25, 2020.  To enter the giveaway for a print copy of Left Fur Dead (US Only), click here or enter using the Rafflecopter form below.  Good Luck!  Please take the time to stop by the other stops on the tour (schedule below) for character interviews, guest posts, excerpts, and character guest posts. Thank you for joining me today.  Next time I am sharing my review of The Pawful Truth by Miranda James which releases on July 16.  It is the eleventh novel in A Cat in the Stacks Mystery series.  Have a beautiful day and Happy Reading!


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Pulse by Linore Burkard: Review & Giveaway!

About the Book
Book: Pulse

Author: Linore Burkard

Genre: Christian YA/Apocalyptic Suspense

Release date: August 24, 2015

What do you do when the whole world stops?

Andrea, Lexie and Sarah are just ordinary teens until a mysterious event shuts down all technology. In the dead of winter, there’s no heat, no internet, no cell phones–not even a working car.

In this chilling Christian YA tale, most of the population doesn’t survive. Pitting faith and grit against a world without power, the girls and their families must beat the odds. But can they find the strength to survive when society collapses and technology fails?

Click here to get your copy.

About the Author
Linore Rose Burkard wrote a trilogy of genuine regency romances for the Christian market before there were any regencies for the Christian market. Published with Harvest House, her books opened the genre for the CBA. She also writes YA Suspense/Apocalyptic fiction as L.R. Burkard. Married with five children, Linore home-schools her youngest daughter, teaches workshops for writers, and is the Vice President of the Dayton Christian Scribes.  Her latest  PULSE EFFEX SERIES, takes readers into a “chilling possible future for America, while affirming the power of faith in the darkest of times.”
Yew Tree Farm near Coniston in the Lake District #lakedistrict #cotswolds #england #winter #cottage #snow
More from Linore

When my sweet historical romance series was published, I never dreamed my next would be YA/dystopian. What a switch in genres! So, how did I go from one end of the writing spectrum to another? Blame it on an idea that refused to die. I read a headline about how close the earth came to suffering a catastrophic electromagnetic pulse, or EMP, in 2012. We missed the worst effects of a solar flare by a hair (in space terms); but the “what if” factor had been set in motion. What if that flare hadn’t missed us? What if I was a teen raised on electronics–or an adult medically dependent on them–and it all went dead in a matter of seconds? What if the next flare doesn’t miss? PULSE, the first book in my PULSE EFFEX Series, was born.

The books shows life in the aftermath of such an event for three teens and their families. With the world plunged into a new dark age, can they keep hope alive?
11 Actions You Must Take After an EMP Attack

My Thoughts

Pulse by Linore Burkard is a Christian young adult/Apocalyptic suspense novel.  One morning Andrea, Lexie and Sarah are preparing to leave for school when the families notice that there is no electricity.  Upon further investigation, they discover that the cars will not start, cell phones are not working and there is no wi-fi.  It is a cold winter in Ohio and these three families must find a way to survive.  The story is told by the three teenage girls through their diary entries.  Sarah lives in the city, Andrea lives in a large home in suburbia while Lexie lives on a farm.  We get to see what it is like for each of them after the unthinkable happens.  They must find a way to stay warm and cook food.  Difficult times have a way of bringing out the best and the worst in individuals.  Pulse is an interesting story as we see what happens to society when there is no government to regulate people.  I did like how Lexie felt God nudging her to help her friend and how she responded to it.  I thought the first half of the book was better than the second.  It descended into political and theological rants especially regarding the right of gun ownership.  Pulse does contain extreme violence and foul language.  I do want readers to be aware that there is a disturbing area where one of the girl’s parents wish to “sell” their daughter to the neighborhood letch for food for the family.  While I felt the author gave an accurate portrayal of what could happen in the event of an EMP, it was not what I expected from a book that is listed as Christian young adult novel.  A wanted to share the following phrase from Pulse “human pain is hard to hear, hard to share, hard to endure.”    How would you act in similar situations?  Would your Christianity have you act differently from other?  Pulse is a book that will have you thinking as well as planning for the future.  

The other two books in The Pulse Effex series are Resilience and Defiance.  They are both available through Kindle Unlimited.  To celebrate her tour, Linore is giving away the grand prize of an eBook copy of her book and a $25 Amazon gift card.  Click here to enter.  Be sure to comment on the blog stops (schedule below) for nine extra entries into the giveaway!  Good Luck!  Thank you for stopping by today.  Tomorrow I am sharing my review of Left Fur Dead by J.M. Griffin.  It is the first novel in A Jules & Bun Mystery series.  I hope you have a sunny day.  Take care and Happy Reading!


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Peach Clobbered by Anna Gerard: Review & Giveaway!

Peach Clobbered

A Georgia B&B Mystery
by Anna Gerard

About the Book 

Cozy Mystery
1st in Series
Crooked Lane Books (July 9, 2019)
ISBN-10: 1643850067
ISBN-13: 978-1643850061
Digital ASIN: B07JMK2JRD

What’s black and white and dead all over? Georgia bed and breakfast proprietor Nina Fleet finds out when she comes across a corpse in a penguin costume.

Nina Fleet’s life ought to be as sweet as a Georgia peach. Awarded a tidy sum in her divorce, Nina retired at 41 to a historic Queen Anne house in quaint Cymbeline, GA. But Nina’s barely settled into her new B&B-to-be when a penguin shows up on her porch. Or, at least, a man wearing a penguin suit.

Harry Westcott is making ends meet as an ice cream shop’s mascot and has a letter from his great-aunt, pledging to leave him the house. Too bad that’s not what her will says. Meanwhile, the Sisters of Perpetual Poverty have lost their lease. Real estate developer Gregory Bainbridge intends to turn the convent into a golfing community, so Cymbeline’s mayor persuades Nina to take in the elderly nuns. And then Nina finds the “penguin” again, this time lying in an alley with a kitchen knife in his chest.

A peek under the beak tells Nina it’s not Harry inside the costume, but Bainbridge. What was he doing in Harry’s penguin suit? Was the developer really the intended victim, or did the culprit mean to kill Harry? Whoever is out to stop Harry from contesting the sale of his great-aunt’s house may also be after Nina, so she teams up with him to cage the killer before someone clips her wings in Peach Clobbered, Anna Gerard’s charming first Georgia B&B mystery.

About the Author

DIANE A.S. STUCKART is the New York Times bestselling author of the Black Cat Bookshop Mystery series (writing as Ali Brandon). She’s also the author of the award-winning Leonardo da Vinci historical mysteries, as well as several historical romances and numerous mystery, fantasy, and romance short stories. The first book in her Tarot Cats Mystery series is FOOL’S MOON, available in trade, large print, and Kindle versions. Her Georgia B&B Mystery series from Crooked Lane Books launched July 2019 with PEACH CLOBBERED, written as Anna Gerard.

Diane is a member of Mystery Writers of America and has served as the 2018 and 2019 Chapter President of the MWA Florida chapter. In addition to her mystery writing affiliations, she’s a member of the Cat Writers’ Association and belongs to the Palm Beach County Beekeepers Association. She’s a native Texan with a degree in Journalism from the University of Oklahoma, but has been living in the West Palm Beach FL area since 2006. She shares her “almost in the Everglades” home with her husband, dogs, cats, and a few beehives. Learn more about her books at www.dianestuckart.com
A quintessential Queen Anne

Author Links

eBay #Sponsored Parade Penguin Mascot Costumes Cartoon Madagascar Animal Halloween Adult Cosplay

My Thoughts

Peach Clobbered was an entertaining cozy mystery.  Nina (pronounced Nine-ah) was charmed with the Queen Anne Victorian she stumbled across while looking for antiques in the small town of Cymbeline.  She wanted a new start after her divorce from pro-golfer, Cameron Fleet.  Nina thought about using the large home for a bed-and-breakfast until Mayor Green turned down her rezoning request.  But then Mayor Green finds herself with six nuns and no vacancies in town.  Nina gets her home rezoned and immediately has six divine residents.  The one fly in the ointment is Harry Westcott who believes the home should be his since his great-aunt, Daisy Lathrop wrote him that she is leaving the turn-of-century home to him.  Then greedy developer, Gregory Bainbridge is murdered in the Taste-Tee-freeze Creamery penguin costume which Harry had been wearing earlier in the day.  There is plenty of action in the cute story.  I liked Nina, but we are not given her complete history.  I hope we learn more about her in the next book.  The nuns were just delightful.  They got to enjoy new experiences and food while staying with Nina plus there was the protest.  Harry is an amusing character who I believe we will be seeing more of in future books.  He is an actor who travels around in a converted bus.  I enjoyed the humor and wit which had me chuckling frequently while reading Peach Clobbered.  I thought the story was well-written and it progressed at a nice clip which made it easy to read.  I enjoyed the descriptions of Nina’s new home and the quaint town.  I can understand why Nina was drawn to Cymbeline and her Queen Anne.  The mystery had several suspects, a red herring and subtle clues.  The take down was an enjoyable and amusing scene.  I was sorry for Peach Clobbered to end.  Peach Clobbered is a diverting cozy mystery with Harry the theatrical thespian, a rapacious real estate developer, six saintly sisters, several suspicious suspects, and one inquisitive B&B owner.
“On the feast of the Transfiguration, August 6, 2015, eight of our sisters professed their perpetual vows to Almighty God of poverty, chastity, obedience and to protect and enhance the sacredness of human life. The Basilica of St. John the Evangelist in Stamford, CT was filled to overflowing with family, friends, Co-Workers of life, priests, religious and lay faithful. We were pleased to have with us, His Eminence Timothy Cardinal Dolan and Archbishop Vigano, the Apostolic Nuncio to the United S
Peach Clobbered is available at Amazon and Barnes & Noble.  There is a giveaway for a signed print copy of Peach Clobbered.  You can click here to enter the contest or use the Rafflecopter form below.  Good Luck!  I hope you take the time to visit the others stops on the tour (schedule below) for author interviews, guest posts, characters interviews, and character guest post.  Thank you for joining me today.  I will share my thoughts on Pulse by Linore Burkhard tomorrow.  I hope you have a beautiful day.  Take care and Happy Reading!

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A Patchwork of Clues by Sally Goldenbaum

A Patchwork of Clues (Queen Bees Quilt Shop #1)
Hello!  The Girl from the Corner Shop by Arlene Hughes (I will feature on July 18) and Child's Play by Angela Marsons are out today.  I am a fan of Angela Marsons' DI Kim Stone seriesMrs. Morris and the Ghost by Traci Wilton releases on July 30.  It is the premiere of A Salem B&B Mystery series.  The Healing Jar by Wanda E. Brunstetter releases digital version on July 15 and paperback on August 1.  The Women of Mulberry Lane by Rosie Clarke will be out on August 1 and I will feature on August 7.  I wanted to tell you about a cute new cozy mystery--Left Fur Dead by J.M. Griffin.  It is about a woman that can talk to her pet bunny, Bun.  I am part of the Great Escapes Virtual Book Tour for Left Fur Dead, so I will be sharing my review on July 14.  What books are you looking forward to reading this summer?
Keepsake Cottage Fabrics | AllPeopleQuilt.com
A Patchwork of Clues by Sally Goldenbaum is the first A Queen Bees Quilt Shop Mystery.  Portia “Po” Paltrow is out for her morning job in Crestwood, Kansas.  She is in the alley behind the Elderberry shops when she notices the back door of Selma Parker’s quilt shop is open slightly.  Po sees that a foot is holding open the door and it belongs to a dead Owen Hill, professor at Canterbury College plus co-owner of Windsor House Antique Shop.  Selma’s quilt shop is where the Crestwood Quilters meet every Saturday of which Po is a member.  A rumor begins to circulate that Owen interrupted a burglar, but Po finds it unlikely that someone would want to rob a quilt shop (unless they were desperate for fabric).  While the murder remains unsolved, business drastically drops at the quilt shop.  The group gathers together to work on a special quilt for the 50th anniversary of Parker Dry Goods Shop.  While they assemble the quilt, the group also stitches together the clues.  When another man associated with the Elderberry shops is harmed, Po is determined to get a bead on the wily killer. 
Lovely 2 block star quilt
A Patchwork of Clues is a cute, lighthearted cozy mystery.  Po Paltrow is a strong female character and I like that she is an older protagonist (60s).  It provides a different perspective.  The quilters are various ages and have diverse personalities (a character for every reader).  They are friendly group of women who support each other.  It is cute how Po, with help from the other ladies, is working to set up her goddaughter, Kate Simpson with Officer PJ Flanigan.  The author took the time to establish the characters and describe the Elderberry Shops which is good since this is a character driven cozy mystery.  The mystery was clear-cut and not the main focus of the book.  The body is found at the beginning (in the first chapter), but the investigating does not begin until the second half of the book.  While I knew who committed the crime, the why took longer to uncover.  The quilters were eager to dig into the mystery which is obvious when they say, “Let’s sleuth!”.   A Patchwork of Clues needed more action which would have helped the pacing.  There are plenty of cozy moments with quilting, chatting, eating, and drinking wine.  I enjoyed the fabric descriptions and the information on quilting. There is mild foul language in the story.  I was happy to see an epilogue that tidily wrapped up everything tidily like a beautifully bound quilt.  A Patchwork of Clues has eager quilters, charming shops, serious suspects, fabulous fabrics, and a sexagenarian sleuth.
Queen Bees Quilt Shop
The next book in A Queen Bees Quilt Shop Mystery series is A Thread of Darkness.  Thank you for reading my latest book review.  Peach Clobbered by Anna Gerard is on the schedule for tomorrow.  I hope you will take the time to stop in.  I hope that you have a fulfilling day.  Take care and Happy Reading!

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