Saturday, June 13, 2015

Juliette and Ryo

Juliette and Ryo:  A Bedtime Story for Kids by Peter Philipp and Johanna Dy is a charming children’s book.  It is the first book in the Juliette and Ryo Bedtime Dreaming series.  Juliette and her little brother, Ryo are playing together.  While playing Juliette is telling a story.  The two children soon drift off to sleep and wake up in Dreamland.  They are needed to help save Luna, the Moon Fairy.  In order to save Luna, Juliette and Ryo will have to use the power of a child’s imagination (that is so cute)!  This story is short, but it is adorable and has a great moral.  In addition, it contains very nice illustrations and special pop-up feature for text.  I give Juliette and Ryo 5 out of 5 stars!  Juliette and Ryo is the type of story I would have read to my daughter when she was little.  Juliette and Ryo is available on Kindle Unlimited.

I know I do not normally review children's books, but I liked this story.  I think it is great to encourage children to use their imagination when playing.  Today's children seem to play video games and watch television instead of playing with their dolls, trucks, blocks, etc.  My sister and I would play for hours.  We created homes for dolls out of books and clothes for the dolls out of old sheets (we even made hats).  We had so much fun.  In addition, we made paper dolls from catalogs.  They had such beautiful rooms.  Our mother also took us to the library regularly to get books!

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