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Spines and Leaves by Chautona Havig: Review & Giveaway!


About the Book

Books are the strings that tie hearts together.

With a month to get from Orange County, California to Delaware for his next corporate challenge, Milton Coleridge decides to spend a week at Joshua Tree National Park.

He never expected to find a floundering bookstore in need of his particular business skills. Will his methods of saving companies from bankruptcy or takeover work on such a small scale? And can he convince two people to risk their hearts?

Step into the Spines & Leaves, Tamarisk, California’s oldest (and only ever) bookstore. Come in out of the harsh, desert sun and wind and peruse all the store has to offer. It might just be more than you think.

One man, one store, thousands of books.  What’ll it take to keep this bookstore from becoming a book ghost town… and what’ll it take for Milton to tie two heartstrings together?

Spine & Leaves is the introductory novella to the Bookstrings series.

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About the Author

USA Today Bestselling author of Aggie and Past Forward series, Chautona Havig lives in an oxymoron, escapes into imaginary worlds that look startlingly similar to ours and writes the stories that emerge. An irrepressible optimist, Chautona sees everything through a kaleidoscope of It’s a Wonderful Life sprinkled with fairy tales. Find her at and say howdy—if you can remember how to spell her name.

More from Chautona

The more I think about it, the more I realize that the Bookstrings series is a process rather than an idea. Each time I saw an indie bookstore close, each time I went in one with no one else in there for the hour or two I browsed, and each time I heard book lovers lament the lack of a store in their town… Yeah. Those experiences slowly grew into a wish—one where I knew how to rescue those stores from extinction. So maybe that’s a bit melodramatic, but that’s how it felt.

Somewhere in the midst of all that, Milton appeared—a business genius who, along with his faithful parrotlet, Atticus (not Finch), travels the country saving corporations from takeover or bankruptcy.

Milton went through several iterations. Older, balding, mustache, and always wearing a golfer’s cap. Then I had him as a young hipster dude who got sick of the rat race on Wall Street and took off on his own, using what he’d learned. That just felt too cliché.

Instead, I have a fortyish guy who wears chinos and oxford shirts with topsiders, shorter than most men, and with a nonchalant air about him. And charm. The quiet guy with serious business skills just oozes quiet charm.

After deciding on Milton, I had to choose where to put the stores. I’ve been watching out for towns for years—using trips different places as research times. Would I create places that felt like real towns or use actual small towns? Though drawn to real towns, I had an idea for where to end the series, and, doing that meant a fictional town. Would it be weird to have four or five books set in small towns across America followed by a final fictional one?

The solution came to me as I learned that the Mosaic authors were doing a summer collection in 2021. If I started with a novella and ended the series with both in a fictional town, at least that fictional bit wouldn’t be out of the blue!

So, the Bookstrings series has two novellas and five full-length novels. (I couldn’t resist a Christmas “novella” in the charming town of Noel, Missouri—the “Christmas City.”) We’ll be off to other small towns around the country—one in Red Wing, Minnesota, another in Berne, Indiana, and one somewhere between Kingsport, Tennessee and Traveler’s Rest, South Carolina. If I can find a place in New England, that’d be great, too. Or maybe down in Mississippi… I’d love to visit my sister down there.

The Bookstrings series books all have one very important thing in common (aside from Milton and Atticus, of course). They all illustrate that books truly are the strings that tie hearts together.

My Thoughts

Spines and Leaves by Chautona Havig is a novella introducing the Bookstrings series.  This is a sweet Christian tale.  Milton Coleridge is traveling to Delaware when he comes across Tamarisk, California.  Milton knows he must stop when he spots a bookstore in the town.  Milton along with his parrotlet, Atticus enter the store to find it packed with books.  Milton knows he could use his skills to turn this shop around.  Milton with help from Ced, the manager of the bookstore (and daughter of the owner) and Marcus, the local deputy, begins making changes to the store to make it profitable.  Milton notices the sparks between Ced and Marcus, but the two have yet to act on their feelings. While rejuvenating the Spines and Leaves, Milton works to tie two hearts together.  Spines and Leaves is a charming story.  I like the characters, though, I wish we had gotten more background on them.  I hope we learn more about Milton in future books.  His parrotlet, Atticus is adorable.  I like that the author gave Milton an unusual pet (Atticus travels with Milton across the country).  I loved all the books mentioned and the book quotes.  Milton could rattle off book quotes (I was amazed at his memory), read people, pair people with books, and come up with creative solutions to problems.  I love how Milton changed the bookstore.  He is confident, kind, and logical.  I enjoyed the faith element that is woven into the story along with the romance.  Spines and Leaves is delightful beginning to the Bookstrings series.  I look forward to Milton’s next adventure.  Spines and Leaves is a booklover’s delight with a pretty parrotlet, spiny leaves, brimming bookshelves, hot and humid, clever concepts, and a charming romance.


To celebrate her tour, Chautona is giving away the grand prize package of a $25 Amazon gift card and a paperback copy of the book!  Be sure to comment on the blog stops for nine extra entries into the giveaway! Click here to enter.  Good Luck!

Spines and Leaves is available from Amazon*.  Chautona Havig has Dial W for Wrangler coming out on May 24.  It is the seventh book in You are on the Air series.  You can find the author's other novels here.  Thank you for stopping by today.  I will return on Monday with Love in Plain Sight by Kathleen Fuller.  It is the 3rd An Amish Mail Order Bride Novel.  I hope you have a relaxing weekend.  Do not forget to enter the giveaway and leave a comment for an extra entry.  Good Luck!  Take care and Happy Reading!


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Adventure, Abduction, and Arrest by Tonya Kappes

 Adventure, Abduction, and Arrest
Book Summary


USA Today Bestselling author Tonya Kappes brings you southern and quirky characters in her mystery series. Her stories are charged with humor, friendship, family and life in small southern towns.

Welcome to Normal, Kentucky where nothing is normal!

When Hank Sharpe asked me in the laundry club ladies to join him in an undercover investigation to help find a missing person, me and ladies grabbed our sleuthing notebook without hesitation.

As undercover Forest Bathing Therapist trainees we were bound and determined to find out with happened to Kyra Tenney. When we did find her body in what appeared to be an accidental forest fire, we thought we were finished with our undercover act. 
Only the coroner’s report came back that our missing person had been killed before the fire.

Put on your sleuthing caps and join Mae West along with the Laundry Club Ladies as they take their investigation skills to a whole ‘nuther level! Especially after Mae finds herself in the fire!
My Thoughts

Adventure, Abduction and Arrest by Tonya Kappes is the 25th A Camper & Criminals Cozy Mystery.  I like Tonya Kappes’ writing style.  It is casual (like talking to an old friend).  Mae West, Hank Sharp, and the Laundry Club ladies are heading to a Forest Bathing Therapy Retreat in the Daniel Boone National Forest to hunt for a missing girl.  Hank was hired by Laura and Steve Tenney to find their daughter, Kyra who disappeared over two weeks ago.  She went out on a hike never to be seen again.  The people at the retreat have proved to be less than helpful.  Hank, Mae, Betts, Dottie, Abby, and Queenie are going undercover at the retreat in the hopes of getting some answers.  Unable to sleep after their first day at the retreat, Mae is admiring the scenery when she notices a fire in the forest. Officials arrive and quickly put out the fire only to find a body in the middle of it.  Someone tried to cover up evidence of a murder with the fire.  Hank, Mae, and the ladies are on the case.  The mystery was fun but simple. There are good clues to help readers arrive at the solution.  I thought the mystery was easy to solve (early in the book).  Mae and the gang conducted a good investigation.  They asked questions and searched for clues.  There are, of course, some hijinks along the way (be prepared to laugh often while reading this story).  Mae also helps out Violet Rhinehammer with her murder mystery in Holiday Junction.  I like how the author tied in Violet’s new series.  There are clever camping hacks and recipes at the end of the book.  Those who enjoy lighthearted, humorous cozy mysteries will enjoy A Camper & Criminals Cozy MysteriesAdventure, Abduction and Arrest is an amusing tale with a vanished offspring, happy tree huggers, kumbaya around the campfire, unassuming yurts, a fatal fire, a determined reporter, and six savvy sleuths.

Adventure, Abduction, and Arrest is available from Amazon*.  It is available through Kindle Unlimited.  You can find the other A Camper & Criminals Cozy Mysteries here.  The 26th A Camper & Criminals  Cozy Mystery is Rangers, RVs, and Revenge which publishes on June 30.  The second A Holiday Cozy Mystery starring Violet Rhinehammer is Mother's Day Murder which comes out on June 2.  If you follow Tonya Kappes on Amazon, you will receive an email when she publishes a new book.  Thank you for visiting with me today.  I am off to get a new tire put on our car.  It is all my fault because I hit a curb that I could not see (the curbs are very low in this county).  It will give me an opportunity to run a few errands.  I hope that you have a relaxing weekend.  Take care and Happy Reading!


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Summer Secrets at Bletchley Park by Molly Green

 Summer Secrets at Bletchley Park
Book Summary

Her code breaking will save lives.
But will it save the man she loves…?
Bletchley Park - Hut 6
September 1939. London is in blackout, war has been declared, but Dulcie Treadwell can think only of her heartbreak over American broadcaster, Glenn Reeves, who didn’t say goodbye before leaving for Berlin.

Posted to Bletchley Park, Dulcie must concentrate on helping the war effort by cracking the German Enigma codes. The hours are long and the conditions tough, with little recognition from above. Until she breaks her first code…
Women working on enigma machines at Bletchley Park
Dulcie finally settles into something she was born to do. But just as she’s proving her worth, a shocking betrayal leads to Dulcie’s brutal dismissal. Is it too late for Dulcie to prove her innocence and keep helping to save innocent lives? 
My Thoughts

Summer Secrets at Bletchley Parkby Molly Green is the debut of The Bletchley Park Girls.  Dulcie “Dale” Treadwell is a reporter who is only allowed to write fluff pieces.  With the outbreak of war, she is hoping to be considered for more serious articles.  She is in the heart of London when the city goes dark the night war is declared.   She meets American broadcaster Glenn Reeves, and it is love at first sight.  After a special night together, they make plans to meet the next day.  Dale is heartbroken when Glenn fails to show up.  She is unaware that he had to leave for Berlin shortly after they parted, and Glenn had no way to contact Dale.  After entering a crossword competition, Dale is recruited for Bletchley Park.  She signs the Official Secrets Act and begins her work in Hut 6 on the enigma machines.  Once Dale gets the hang of the work, she finds it exciting.  Dale hopes to get a promotion to a cryptographer after she has proven herself.  After returning from visiting her parents in London, Dale is summoned to Commander Travis’ office where she is summarily dismissed.  She is not given a chance to explain her side of the story.  Is there any way to for Dale to her vital war work? 

I like Molly Green’s writing style.  It is casual (easy going) which makes the story easy to read.  The book moved along at a good pace.  I thought the author captured the time period and I can tell she did her research into Bletchley Park.  I wish there had been more on Bletchley and the work done there.  The main focus of the book was romance.  I thought the characters were realistic.  Their behavior and attitudes suited the era.  I liked Eddie who also worked at Bletchley.  He is a lively character with a good heart.  He becomes good friends with Dale.  I actually liked Eddie more than Glenn.  The ending was abrupt and felt incomplete.  I hope we learn more in the next installment in The Bletchley Park Girls seriesSummer Secrets at Bletchley Park (also known as Wartime at Bletchley Park) is an engaging historical novel that sweeps readers back to the start of World War II in England.  Summers Secrets at Bletchley Park is on the beam with a first glance romance, a warlord landlord, a serious supervisor, mysterious machines, a missing man, a flirty friend, parent problems, and a perilous problem. 

Summer Secrets at Bletchley Park (in UK) is being called Wartime at Bletchley Park in the United States.  It is available from Amazon*.    You can find Molly Green's other novels here.  Thank you for dropping by today.  I will be sharing my thoughts on Adventure, Abduction, and Arrest by Tonya Kappes next time.  It is the 25th A Camper & Criminals Cozy Mystery.  I hope that you have joyful day.  Take care and Happy Reading!


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The Gift of Joy by Kristen McKanagh

 The Gift of Joy

Book Summary

Joshua Kanagy’s older brother has left the family gift shop business, which is wonderful gute for Aaron, but not for Joshua. Horses are his talent—raising and training them. But how can Joshua step away from the shop when his parents have already had to give up the dream of leaving their legacy to all three of their sons?

Enter Joy Yoder, a determined, if sometimes misguided, helper who always manages to drag Joshua into her schemes and promises. Only now her focus turns to finding a solution to his problem, partly to distract from her own. Her mamm has her heart set on Joy marrying the minister’s son, and she’s not sure she wants to.

Joy gets the grand idea to propose to Joshua, offering a partnership of convenience rather than love. But as the wedding approaches, Joy starts to develop feelings for Joshua. Is it possible Gotte’s plan for Joy includes faith, friendship, and love?
My Thoughts

The Gift of Joy by Kristen McKanagh is a charming Amish tale.  I thoroughly enjoyed reading the second book in the Unexpected Gifts series.  Each book can be read as a standalone (in case you have not had a chance to read The Gift of Hope).  I like the author’s writing style.  It is engaging and makes the story easy to read.  I just loved Joy and Joshua.  Joy is such a lively character who brings sunshine and happiness to others.  Joy has a big heart.  She truly cares about people and wants to help them.  Her schemes, though, are often impetuous and land her in hot water.  Joshua is usually the one who rescues Joy.  However, there are times when Joshua finds himself in a predicament and needs a little assistance.  I enjoyed getting to know Joshua and Joy’s families.  I can see why Joy pushed the boundaries with the various rules her mother had in place.
Joy’s younger brothers are comical.  They get into more trouble.  Joy and Joshua are kept on their toes with those two boys.  I laughed often while reading The Gift of Joy.  There are misadventures, miscommunication, mayhem, and marriage.  Joy’s impetuous proposal takes these two friends down a different path.  What follows is a heartwarming story.  I like that we get to catch up with Hope and Aaron from The Gift of Hope.  I loved the descriptions of Joy’s beautiful quilts (I wish I could quilt like Joy).  The Gift of Joy is a roller coaster of a story.  There is romance, friendship, frustration, humor, and so much more.  I am glad the author included an epilogue that nicely wrapped up the story.  I look forward to reading Kristen McKanagh’s next story.  The Gift of Joy is a charming Amish tale with an impetuous proposal, two busy boys, a cute colt, matchmaking complications, miscommunication mayhem, a quilt quandary, benevolent bishop, and a caring community.
The Gift of Joy is available from Amazon*.  The first novel in the Unexpected Gifts series is The Gift of Hope.  You can find Kristen McKanagh's other novels here.  Thank you for visiting today and reading my book review.  I will be sharing my thoughts on Summer Secrets at Bletchley Park by Molly Green tomorrow.  I hope that you have a carefree day. I am off to work at clearing out clutter.  There is too much stuff in our tiny home.  It is the perfect time for spring cleaning (purging). Take care and Happy Reading!


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The Vanishing Type by Ellery Adams

 The Vanishing Type
Book Summary

Entertainment Weekly hails the Secret, Book, and Scone Society series by the beloved New York Times bestselling author as “a love letter to reading.” In this entrancing new story, bookshop owner, bibliotherapist, and occasional sleuth Nora Pennington must enlist the help of her brilliant, brassy librarian friend to unravel the connection between The Scarlet Letter, an obscure 19th century writer, and a dead hiker…

While January snow falls outside in Miracle Springs, North Carolina, Nora Pennington is encouraging customers to cozy up indoors with a good book. Even though the shop and her bibliotherapy sessions keep Nora busy during the day, her nights are a little too quiet—until Deputy Andrews pulls Nora into the sci-fi section and asks her to help him plan a wedding proposal.
His bride-to-be, Hester, loves 
Little Women, and Nora sets to work arranging a special screening at the town’s new movie theater. But right before the deputy pops the question, Nora makes an unsettling discovery—someone has mutilated all her store’s copies of The Scarlet Letter, slicing angrily into the pages wherever Hester Prynne’s name is mentioned.
The coincidence disturbs Nora, who’s one of the few in Miracle Springs who knows that Hester gave up a baby for adoption many years ago. Her family heaped shame on her, and Hester still feels so guilty that she hasn’t even told her future husband. But when a dead man is found on a hiking trail just outside town, carrying a rare book, the members of the Secret, Book, and Scone Society unearth a connection to Hester’s past. Someone is intent on bringing the past to light, and it’s not just Hester’s relationship at stake, but her life. . .
My Thoughts

The Vanishing Type by Ellery Adams takes us back to Miracle Springs, North Carolina.  Nora Pennington along with her friends June and Estella are helping Deputy Andrews prepare a special proposal for Hester.  While they are working out the details, Sheldon brings something to Nora’s attention.  Someone has mutilated their copies of The Scarlet Letter by taking a knife to Hester’s name.  Nora is worried that someone is intent on harming Hester or exposing Hester’s secret.  Few people are aware that Hester gave up a baby many years ago and the terrible way her family treated her.  Hester has yet to tell her beau, Deputy Jasper Andrews.  A man is found dead on a hiking trail just outside Miracle Springs with no identification, but he does have a rare book in the pocket of his bright orange coat.  The members of the Secret, Book, and Scone Society soon discover that the victim is connected to Hester’s past.  Is someone after Hester or are they trying to expose her secret?  

The Vanishing Type is the fifth A Secret, Book, and Scone Society Novel (all of them available through Kindle Unlimited).  I believe this series is best read in order.  While you could read The Vanishing Type on its own, you will be missing the background on the characters and the town.  The Vanishing Type is well-written with developed characters.  I like that they are flawed characters which makes them realistic, relatable, and interesting.  I enjoy visiting Miracle Springs with its friendly residents and quaint shops.  My first stop would be the bakery for some of the tasty treats and then I would head to Miracle Books.  I would definitely order the hot chocolate drink with the colored marshmallows, whipped cream, and sprinkles (it sounded so good).  I like that the author has included a character with fibromyalgia.  Many people do not understand the disease nor believe the pain it causes.  Sheldon is such a delightful person, and I am glad that he does not let the condition keep him down for long.  He is a lively individual with a heart a gold.  I had to laugh at what happened at story time with the book involving snakes.  The romance between Nor and Sheriff McCabe is progressing nicely.  I am glad that it is moving at a slower pace.  Fans of the series will love the proposal scene.  It is definitely special and unique.  I love all the book references throughout the story.  There are some great titles mentioned.  Like Hester, Little Women is my favorite book.  The mystery was wonderful.  It is complex with great clues and red herrings.  The secondary storyline was just as intriguing.  I like how everything tied together to give readers a wonderful reading experience.  I was sorry for my visit to Miracle Springs to end.  The Vanishing Type has friendship, mystery, and, of course, books.  The Vanishing Type is a beguiling tale with a remarkable movie theater opening, damaged books, a nameless victim, story time mayhem, beautiful book covers, a special proposal, firm friends, and a bevy of books.  

The Vanishing Type is available from Amazon*.  You can find the other The Secret, Book, and Scone Society Novels here (all of them available through Kindle Unlimited).  Ellery Adams has Murder on the Poet's Walk publishing on September 27.  It is the 8th A Book Retreat Mystery.  Check out Ellery Adams' other cozy creations here.  There are quite a few new books out today.  Here are just a few of them:  Courting Caleb by Kelly Long, The Emerald Tide by David Bunn, Three Tainted Teas by Lynn Cahoon, A Margin for Murder by Lauren Elliott, 'Til Death by Carol J. Perry, The Amish Farmer's Proposal by Barbara Cameron, The Gift of Joy by Kristin McKanagh, Sand Dollar Lane by Sheila Roberts, and Simmering with Resentment by Daryl Wood Gerber.  Which book are you eager to read first?  Thank you for reading my review today.  I will return tomorrow with The Gift of Joy by Kristin McKanagh. I am curious.   Which do you prefer:  book or movie?  I am a book person (of course). I hope that you have a relaxing day where you can read to your heart's content!  Take care and Happy Reading!


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Simmering with Resentment by Daryl Wood Gerber

 Simmering with Resentment

Book Summary

With Bride’s Dream Expo in town, it’s all things wedding in Crystal Cove, including at the Cookbook Nook, where owner Jenna Hart is preparing for her own wedding in just a few short weeks. But there’s a dark cloud hanging over the festive mood by the name of Sarita Strachline, a woman Jenna helped convict of arson who is now out of jail and bent on revenge. And when Jenna and Rhett’s intimate prenuptial dinner is rocked by an explosion that nearly takes Rhett’s life, Jenna can’t help but think Sarita is to blame.

Desperate to prove Sarita’s guilt but consumed by worries over Rhett’s condition, Jenna reluctantly lays her case out for the police and leaves the investigation in their methodical hands. Still, she can’t help piecing together the clues, and as the evidence begins to mount, Jenna realizes that revenge may be a dish best served cold, but she can cook up a scheme of her own to bring the culprit to justice—she just has to hope it doesn’t blow up in her face . . .

Includes mouthwatering recipes!

My Thoughts

We return to Crystal Cove where the yearly Bride’s Dream Expo is taking place.  Jenna is doing the final preparations for her wedding to Rhett which will take place in a little over three weeks.  Jenna’s happy bubble is burst when she learns Sarita Strachline was released from jail early for good behavior and has returned to Crystal Cove.  Jenna worries that Sarita will come after her and Rhett since they are the ones who helped get her convicted for arson. Jenna is at Rhett’s restaurant for an intimate dinner when an explosion occurs in the kitchen.  Rhett is thrown six feet from the blast and is unconscious.  Jenna is quick to blame Sarita for the crime.  Chief Cinnamon Pritchard tells Jenna to focus on Rhett and leave the investigating to her.  Jenna cannot help it if information happens to come her way.  But then something happens that blow the case wide open.  

Simmering with Resentment by Daryl Wood Gerber is the eleventh A Cookbook Nook Mystery.  For those who are new to the series, each book can be read as a standalone (but you will be missing out on a great series).  I find it better to read a series in order because it allows you to get to know the characters and connect with them.  I found Simmering with Resentment to be well-written with developed characters.  The story moved along at a good pace.  I love visiting Crystal Cove with its quaint shops, friendly residents (most of them), and seaside location.  Jenna has a wonderful group of friends who are there for her no matter what along with her family.  It is time for Jenna and Rhett’s wedding.  The wedding planner has everything in hand and there are just a few last-minute decisions to make (DJ or band for example).  The author’s vivid descriptions allowed me to visualize the town, the bridal expo, the shops, and characters.  I could envision myself in Crystal Cove.  There are mouthwatering food descriptions (recipes at the end of the book).  Jenna and Rhett’s reception is going to have some tasty dishes.  I just love Jenna’s cat, Tigger.  He is one cute and clever cat.  I enjoyed the addition of the kittens that were dropped off at the fire station.  They were a sweet addition to the story.  The mystery was a fun one to figure out.  There are several suspicious suspects along with good clues and misdirection.  One person stood out to me, and I could not wait to get to the end to see if I was right (I love solving whodunits).  I enjoyed the humor sprinkled throughout the story.  There are some heartwarming cozy moments that will charm readers.  I was a little disappointed with how the story ended.  I wanted the complete experience (I would say more but then I would spoil it for you).  I am looking forward to my next visit to Crystal Cove.  Simmering with Resentment is an explosive cozy mystery with bridal expo excitement, wedding worries, a returning nemesis, an injured groom, a cornucopia of kittens, mouthwatering morsels, and a probing bride.

Simmering with Resentment comes out Tuesday, April 26 and it can be preordered from Amazon*.  You can find the other ten A Cookbook Nook Mysteries here. Daryl Wood Gerber has A Hint of Mischief publishing on June 28.  It is the third book in A Fairy Garden Mysteries.  The first two books in A Fairy Garden Mysteries are A Sprinkling of Murder and A Glimmer of a ClueFollow Daryl Wood Gerber on Amazon so you will be notified when she has a new book release.  Thank you for joining me today.  I will return tomorrow with The Vanishing Type by Ellery Adams.  It is the fifth A Secret, Book, and Scone Society Novel.  I hope that you have a scintillating day.  I am off to work in the garden.  I am trying to get our side garden completed before the heat descends on Florida for the summer.  Take care of yourself and Happy Reading!


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