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Summer Secrets at Bletchley Park by Molly Green

 Summer Secrets at Bletchley Park
Book Summary

Her code breaking will save lives.
But will it save the man she loves…?
Bletchley Park - Hut 6
September 1939. London is in blackout, war has been declared, but Dulcie Treadwell can think only of her heartbreak over American broadcaster, Glenn Reeves, who didn’t say goodbye before leaving for Berlin.

Posted to Bletchley Park, Dulcie must concentrate on helping the war effort by cracking the German Enigma codes. The hours are long and the conditions tough, with little recognition from above. Until she breaks her first code…
Women working on enigma machines at Bletchley Park
Dulcie finally settles into something she was born to do. But just as she’s proving her worth, a shocking betrayal leads to Dulcie’s brutal dismissal. Is it too late for Dulcie to prove her innocence and keep helping to save innocent lives? 
My Thoughts

Summer Secrets at Bletchley Parkby Molly Green is the debut of The Bletchley Park Girls.  Dulcie “Dale” Treadwell is a reporter who is only allowed to write fluff pieces.  With the outbreak of war, she is hoping to be considered for more serious articles.  She is in the heart of London when the city goes dark the night war is declared.   She meets American broadcaster Glenn Reeves, and it is love at first sight.  After a special night together, they make plans to meet the next day.  Dale is heartbroken when Glenn fails to show up.  She is unaware that he had to leave for Berlin shortly after they parted, and Glenn had no way to contact Dale.  After entering a crossword competition, Dale is recruited for Bletchley Park.  She signs the Official Secrets Act and begins her work in Hut 6 on the enigma machines.  Once Dale gets the hang of the work, she finds it exciting.  Dale hopes to get a promotion to a cryptographer after she has proven herself.  After returning from visiting her parents in London, Dale is summoned to Commander Travis’ office where she is summarily dismissed.  She is not given a chance to explain her side of the story.  Is there any way to for Dale to her vital war work? 

I like Molly Green’s writing style.  It is casual (easy going) which makes the story easy to read.  The book moved along at a good pace.  I thought the author captured the time period and I can tell she did her research into Bletchley Park.  I wish there had been more on Bletchley and the work done there.  The main focus of the book was romance.  I thought the characters were realistic.  Their behavior and attitudes suited the era.  I liked Eddie who also worked at Bletchley.  He is a lively character with a good heart.  He becomes good friends with Dale.  I actually liked Eddie more than Glenn.  The ending was abrupt and felt incomplete.  I hope we learn more in the next installment in The Bletchley Park Girls seriesSummer Secrets at Bletchley Park (also known as Wartime at Bletchley Park) is an engaging historical novel that sweeps readers back to the start of World War II in England.  Summers Secrets at Bletchley Park is on the beam with a first glance romance, a warlord landlord, a serious supervisor, mysterious machines, a missing man, a flirty friend, parent problems, and a perilous problem. 

Summer Secrets at Bletchley Park (in UK) is being called Wartime at Bletchley Park in the United States.  It is available from Amazon*.    You can find Molly Green's other novels here.  Thank you for dropping by today.  I will be sharing my thoughts on Adventure, Abduction, and Arrest by Tonya Kappes next time.  It is the 25th A Camper & Criminals Cozy Mystery.  I hope that you have joyful day.  Take care and Happy Reading!


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