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When the Crow's Away by Auralee Wallace

 When the Crow's Away

Book Summary

The ghost of a recently deceased chocolatier believes he was murdered, and it's up to young witch Brynn Warren to use her magical gifts and old-fashioned sleuthing skills to find out how he really met his bitter end in this enchanting new Evenfall Witches B&B Mystery.

After spending months unable to use her powers, Brynn Warren is once again using her gift and working at her family's bed-and-breakfast. Her heart is full, and although one of her aunts wonders if it might be a little fuller with a bit of romance in her life, Brynn is certain that finding love again is not in her future. In fact, she can't imagine anyone being more certain of anything...except for maybe the recently deceased Mortimer Sweete. He's certain he's been murdered, and he wants Brynn's help to bring his killer to justice.

Mort is positive he knows who killed him: his business partner's wife, Cookie, who had been trying to get them to sell the candy shop for months. But Brynn doesn't share his conviction. After all, the coroner ruled his death natural causes, and Mort did have health problems in life. But with Cookie putting up a For Sale sign for the shop already, Brynn knows she can't just let it go.

Trying to solve a might-be murder while attempting to stop her aunt from meddling in her personal life seems like a recipe for disaster. If Brynn wants to bring Mort's spirit peace, she'll have to rely on all her skills--both magical and mundane--to uncover the truth.
My Thoughts

Brynn Warren is watching the sunset with her two aunt’s, Izzy and Nora when a ghost appears before her.  Mortimore Sweete, co-owner of the local candy shop, is dead and he needs Brynn’s help.  Mort has been murdered and he wants his killer brought to justice.  Brynn will need to use her special gift along with some old-fashioned sleuthing in order to accomplish the task.  

When the Crow’s Away by Auralee Wallace is the second novel in An Evenfall Witches B&B Mysteries. It can be a standalone if you have not read In the Company of Witches.  I thought When the Crow’s Away was well-written with mixed pacing.  I found it a little slow in the beginning, but the pacing soon increases.  There are some fun and unique characters in this series.  Brynn’s two aunts, Izzy and Nora, are entertaining.  There is also Brynn’s uncle, Gideon and Dog, the crow.  I was glad to see that Dog played a bigger role in this story.  Brynn learns more about the aunts who raised her after her parents died.  I liked getting more background on Izzy and Nora.  There is also Nixie who wants something special from Brynn.  She is quite insistent and has no intention of letting Brynn back out of it.  The mystery was fun to follow.  I did not find it challenging to solve, but I had a fun time following the investigation.  I love the paranormal elements in the book.  They are well-done and suit each witch.  There is an intriguing development at the end of the book.  We will have to wait until the next installment of An Evenfall Witches B&B Mystery to find out more.  I enjoyed my time in Evenfall, Connecticut with Brynn, Nora, and Izzy.  I am looking forward to my next visit to find out more about the mysterious new person in town and what is messing with Brynn’s powers.  When the Crow’s Away is a magical cozy mystery with anxious aunts, a slain sweet shop owner, convenient crow clues, a strange sensation, an indomitable Nixie, and a sweet spirit.  

When the Crow's Away comes out Tuesday, April 5 and it is available from Amazon*.  In the Company of Witches is the first An Evenfall Witches B&B Mystery.  You can find Auralee Wallace's other novels here.  Thank you for dropping by today and reading my review.  Tomorrow I am featuring A Family Affair by Robyn Carr.  I hope that you have a magical day.  Take care of yourself and Happy Reading!


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