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Knit or Dye Trying by Allie Pleiter

 Knit or Dye Trying

Book Summary

Business is booming for Libby Beckett and her fabulous Maryland shop, aptly named Y.A.R.N., but when a town festival brings a fatality with it, Libby gets all tangled up in murder.

As spring comes to Collinstown, the village launches a food festival to draw a new group of tourists. Libby, proud owner of Y.A.R.N., has planned a yarn event to provide an alternative option to a foodie weekend. Artisan fiber dyer Julie Wilson—known for her work with animal-friendly, plant-based knitting fibers such as bamboo and hemp as well as her brilliant use of color—will hopefully draw a crowd with a special dyeing workshop.

The festival begins, but it draws more than crowds. First a flock of sheep parades down the street, herded by farmers protesting Julie’s antiwool stance. Then Julie’s celebrity chef sister appears, and the siblings resume a long-standing rivalry. Despite all this, Julie’s workshop has sold out. Libby is thrilled, and they’re preparing for a full house. But the night before the event, Julie is found alone in the warehouse event space—dead. The witty “Watch Julie Wilson Dye” workshop title now has a terrible new meaning—and it’s up to Libby to catch a crafty killer.

My Thoughts

Knit or Dye Trying by Allie Pleiter is the second A Riverbank Knitting Mystery.  It can be read as a standalone, but you would be missing out on the engaging first book, On Skein of Death.  I thought Knit or Dye Trying was well-written with relatable characters.  I am enjoying getting to know Libby Beckett who owns Y.A.R.N. in Collinstown, Maryland.  She is a strong protagonist who is creative, friendly, and hard working.  You can tell that Libby loves yarn in all its varied forms.  She wants to share her craft with others.  The mayor, Gavin Maddock and his daughter, Jillian are two other great characters along with Libby’s very busy mother.  I like how Libby has taken Jillian under her wing.  Jillian is a smart, savvy young lady who is making a name for herself in the field of knitting with her YouTube videos.  The mayor has dreamed up See More than Sea Food Festival to get tourists to the town and see that they have more than crab cakes to offer.  Libby is bringing in the prickly fiber artist, Julie Wilson to showcase plant fibers.  Julie will conduct a dying demonstration so people can see how she gets her vibrant colors (which is hard to do with plant fibers).  Unfortunately, Julie’s sister, Monica is also in town for the festival and to say the sisters do not get along is an understatement.  The weekend starts out with a bang, or should I say “Baa” when local sheep farmers stage a demonstration against Julie who posted an inflammatory YouTube video.  That evening, Libby is enjoying dinner with Gavin when a fire breaks out in the restaurant.  The evidence points to Julie as the culprit.  Libby goes with Frank Reynolds, the chief of police, to the warehouse where Julie is prepping for the demonstration.  The find the warehouse filled with toxic fumes with Julie dead on the floor.  Are the sheep farmers behind this deadly attack?  Libby works to untangle the clues and stitch them back together so she can catch the killer.

I enjoyed getting a glimpse of life in Collinstown.  It is a charming Maryland tourist town with friendly residents, quaint shops, and amazing restaurants.  Of course, gossip flows faster than maple syrup on hot pancakes.  The whodunit was unique.  I like how the murder was committed.  It was different and highlights how dangerous dying chemicals can be.  I wish the solution has been a surprise.  There are a limited number of suspects.  The author does a good job at building tension.  There was also competition and contention.  The reveal answers any lingering questions regarding the murder.  The complete details are distressing.  The chamber of commerce election is at the end of the book.  I love the posters that Arlene created for Libby.  They were amusing.  I loved the descriptions of Julie’s hand dyed fibers.  They sounded amazing (I wanted them).  I wish Y.A.R.N. was in my town.  I could imagine spending many delightful hours there picking out yarn, knitting, and chatting. Y.A.R.N. sounds like it is truly a feast for the eyes.   I enjoyed my latest visit to Collinstown, and I cannot wait to return in the next A Riverbank Knitting MysteryKnit or Dye Trying is a delightful cozy mystery with a food festival, a sheep protest, squabbling siblings, venomous vapors, a dead dyer, suspicious crooks, a fiber feast, and an emerging influencer.

Knit or Dye Trying is available from Amazon*.  The first book in A Riverbank Knitting Mysteries is On Skein of Death.  You can follow Allie Pleiter on Amazon to receive updates on her latest releases.  Thank you for dropping by today.  Tomorrow I am featuring Summer on the Island by Brenda Novak.  I am off to see the rheumatologist for my quarterly checkup (for my fibromyalgia).  The drive gives me time to listen to my audiobook.  I hope that you have an amiable day.  Take care of yourself and Happy Reading!


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