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The Bookseller's Promise by Beth Wiseman

The Bookseller's Promise
Book Summary

In the first novel of Beth Wiseman’s new Amish Bookstore series, a rare, old book may hold answers to a present-day romance.

Yvonne Wilson arrives in Montgomery, Indiana, determined to purchase a rare book on behalf of a client willing to pay her an absurd amount of money for her efforts. Engaged to be married in a few months, Yvonne is thrown off guard when she finds herself attracted to the handsome bookstore owner, Jake Lantz—and now she’s asking herself unexpected questions about her future.

Jake Lantz made a promise to his grandfather to never sell the book Yvonne wants to buy, and it’s a promise he plans to keep. Jake begins to read the book with Eva, one of his employees, and Eva sees this time together as a way to get Jake to see her in a new light. Eva’s loved him for years but senses Yvonne’s attraction to Jake right away—and she wonders how Jake feels about Yvonne, an attractive English woman determined to stay in Montgomery until she convinces Jake to sell the rare book.

As Yvonne’s, Jake’s, and Eva’s individual paths merge into something more than they could have imagined, each must face decisions they never anticipated. Will Jake ultimately break his promise to his grandfather? Will Yvonne leave the quaint life she’s been living in Amish Country to go back to her fiancĂ©? And will Eva be able to get Jake to see her as more than a friend? The answers just might be buried within the pages of a rare book.

My Thoughts

Yvonne Wilson is a book broker, and she is trying to get Jake Lantz to sell her a rare volume.  Jake made a promise to his grandfather that he would never sell the book.  Yvonne travels to Montgomery, Indiana to convince Jake to sell her the book.  Yvonne does not know how anyone can resist $100,000.  Yvonne is engaged to marry Trevor in a few months, but she finds herself attracted to the handsome Amish bookseller.  She can tell, though, that his employee, Eva is in love with him.  Yvonne’s visit along with the rare book is about to change all of their lives.  

The Bookseller’s Promise by Beth Wiseman is a heartwarming Amish tale.  It is the beginning of The Amish Bookstore Novels.  This novel is well-written with realistic, developed characters.  The story is told from three points-of-view:  Eva, Jake, and Yvonne (the Englischer).  I like that we get to see things from each of their perspectives, but it does lead to some repetition.  I liked this unique Amish novel.  It is not your standard Amish romance.  Family and faith play a big role in the story.  It is important to pray and rely on God.  He is there for us in the tough times and the good.  Yvonne was raised by her aunt and uncle who are unbelievers.  Yvonne does not believe in heaven which surprises Jake and Eva.  I liked following Yvonne as she spent time in Montgomery and got to know people.  Yvonne is in for a surprising journey.  The romance was sweet and amusing at times.  It is a clean story with the only PDA being a few kisses.  It was interesting learning about the special book that Yvonne’s client desires.   I enjoyed the epilogue which paves the way for The Story of Love.  I cannot wait to read the next chapter in these characters' lives.  The Bookseller’s Promise is a touching story with a treasured tome, wedding worries, an unexpected trip, a clamorous client, a bouncy buggy ride, an astounding accident, an extraordinary revelation, and a gracious God.

The Bookseller's Promise publishes Tuesday, April 26 and it can be preordered from Amazon*.  The next The Amish Bookstore Novel is The Story of Love which comes out October 11 (Yvonne's story).  You can find Beth Wiseman's other novels here.  Thank you for stopping by today.  I will be back tomorrow with Beautiful by Danielle Steel.  I hope that you have a sweet day (I am enjoying my Easter caramels).  Take care and Happy Reading!


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