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An Inheritance to Die For by Judy Moore

 An Inheritance To Die For

Book Summary

Was the death of her college roommate’s father suicide or murder?

That question takes Beck O’Rourke to Miami in this fourth standalone book in the Cozy Mysteries To Die For series.

With three successful murder investigations under her belt, Beck enters the privileged world of her spoiled freshman roommate and her fractured family to take on her first paid job as a private investigator.

Heirs stand to inherit millions from the death of Benjamin Greene. Was it more than a coincidence that he died the night before he was meeting with his lawyer to change his will?
An Inheritance To Die For brings readers back to the Beach Reads bookstore and café, a block off the ocean in quaint Manatee Beach, Florida. Returning are Beck’s spirited grandmother Miss Alice, her fiesty lifeguard sister Lizzie, town character Scratchoff McLean, and, of course, her love interest, handsome Manatee Beach Police detective Devon Mathis.

Will their romance ever get off the ground?

My Thoughts

An Inheritance To Die For by Judy Moore has Beck O’Rourke heading to Miami to help her old college roommate, Jacqueline.  Jacqueline’s father was recently found dead in his bedroom.  The death is being ruled a suicide.  Jacqueline does not agree and wants to hire Beck to uncover the truth.  Beck has just earned her PI license and is excited to work her first official case.  Beck soon learns that Jacqueline’s father died the night before he was to change his will.  Beck works through her list of suspects one by one until she identifies the guilty party.  The trick will be to stay alive long enough to prove it.  An Inheritance To Die For is the fourth novel in Cozy Mysteries To Die For series.  Each book can be read on its own (but you will be missing out on some fun stories).  I like Judy Moore’s writing style.  It reminds me of chatting with friends.  The author is descriptive which help me to visualize the scenes.  I thought Judy Moore really captured Miami.  

I enjoyed getting to know Beck.  She is friendly, clever, determined, and spunky.  Beck had her hands full with Jacqueline.  We do not get to spend much time with Miss Alice, Beck’s grandmother, nor Lizzie, Beck’s sister since Beck travels to Miami for the case.  The mystery was plotted out nicely.  There are several suspects who could have done the deed.  I like how Beck works a case.  She is methodical and does not leave someone off the suspect list because they are nice.  There are clues to help readers solve the crime.  I enjoyed the dramatic reveal.   All the details regarding the whodunit are answered.  Beck gets a chance to see Devon while in Miami.  She also has the opportunity to meet his parents.  Beck learns something that puts Devon’s style of dating in perspective.  An Inheritance To Die For is a cute cozy with a blast from the past, a curious case, a nice nanny, twin trouble, a hurtful will, fragrant flowers, and a spunky sleuth.

An Inheritance To Die For is available from Amazon*.  You can read it for free with Kindle Unlimited.  You can find the other books in Cozy Mysteries To Die For series here.  You can find the Judy Moore's other novels here.  Thank you for joining me today.  I will return on Tuesday, November 22 with The Whittiers by Danielle Steel.  I hope that you have a relaxing weekend.  Take care and Happy Reading!


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