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A Simple Prayer

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A Simple Prayer by Amy Clipston is a wonderful, heartfelt Amish romance.  It is the fourth book in the Hearts of Lancaster Grand Hotel series.  It is an appealing story that I did not want to end.  Ruth Ebersol, who works at the Lancaster Grand Hotel, has had a stroke.  The only thing she wants is to see her son Aaron.  Aaron left the community over seventeen years ago and Ruth has not heard from him in all that time. 

Linda Zook works part-time at the hotel as well as working at Hannah and Trey’s Heart of Paradise Bed and Breakfast (helping out during Hannah’s pregnancy).  Linda’s parents died in a buggy accident when she was four years old.  Linda was the sole survivor of the accident, but she did suffer some injuries.  Linda’s Uncle Reuben has reluctantly raised her in the cottage behind her parent’s home.  Rueben has been unhappy and resentful for as long as Linda has known him.  Her uncle’s attitude and the injuries from the accident have affected Linda and how she sees herself.

Aaron returns to the community to see his mother (as well as the rest of his family).  He stays at the Heart of Paradise B & B.    While reconnecting with his family, Aaron works on fixing up his family’s home.  He also makes it more accessible for his mother by adding ramps (at the front and back of the house) as well as making the master bathroom wheelchair accessible.  Aaron has been writing to his mother for years and he wants to find out what happened to his letters.  Aaron also gets to know Linda and he helps her see what a wonderful person she really is and that she is worthy of loving and being loved. 

I enjoyed it very much and did not want the story to end (I just loved this series).  I have enjoyed getting to read about Paradise and its residents.  I am going to miss this series (and its characters) very much.  A Simple Prayer wraps up all the story lines from the books and leaves the reader very satisfied (just sad that it has ended).  I give A Simple Prayer 5 out of 5 stars.  A Simple Prayer is a story that will warm the cockles of your heart!

The other books in Hearts of the Lancaster Grand Hotel series are: A Hopeful Heart, A Mother's Secret, and A Dream of Home.  For information on Amy Clipston's books, new releases, and events, visit her website (  I received a complimentary copy of this book from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.

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