Monday, February 9, 2015

Death by Didgeridoode

Death by Didgeridoo is a Jamie Quinn Mystery by Barbara Venkataraman. It is the first book in the series. Death by Didgeridoo is a cute cozy mystery and an enjoyable read. It is written in the first person (which I usually detest), but I did not even notice after a while. 

Jamie Quinn is a lawyer who recently lost her mother. She has taken the last six months off to grieve. Then she receives a phone call from her Aunt Peg asking for help. Jamie's cousin Adam has been taken into custody and accused of murdering his music teacher, Spike. Adam has Asperger's Syndrome and this could easily put him over the edge.  

Jamie with the help of her friend, Grace, and a private investigator, Duke, sets out to solve the murder of Spike. Turns out he was not well liked nor was his dog, Beast. 

I give this book 3.75 out of 5. It was a good mystery that is easy to read. The murder is very easy to solve, but I really enjoyed the story. Death by Didgeridoo is available on Kindle Unlimited.

If you are wondering what is a didgeridoo, it is a Australian Aboriginal wind instrument.  Made of wood (a long wooden tube) and can weigh up to 10 pounds.  They are hollowed out (like a flute made of wood).

I am glad that the author contacted me and let me know about this book.  I look forward to reading more books by Barbara Venkataraman.  

Have a great evening and week!  Happy Reading!


P.S.--You can get the first three books of the Jamie Quinn series as a boxed set.  They are also available on Kindle Unlimited!  Click here to go to the page on Amazon.

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