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The Courtship Plan by Kathleen Fuller

 The Courtship Plan

Book Summary

Finding a husband is serious business. And serious business requires serious planning.

Charity Raber is one of many single women who came to Birch Creek, Ohio, with one goal in mind: secure a husband from among the desperate bachelors a newspaper advertisement claimed inhabited the town. Even though that claim proved to be nothing more than a cruel prank, Charity is still hopeful that her happy ending might be within reach when she’s set up on a date with Jesse Bontrager. That is until Jesse not-so-gently shares that he has no interest in a relationship with anyone—and especially not with her.

One year later, Charity is working as a caretaker for a kind, elderly English woman in the nearby town of Marigold. She’s also working hard on a brand-new courtship plan. A plan that absolutely does not involve Jesse Bontrager. But when he moves next door and is made aware of her scheming, Charity vows to prove that her plan is foolproof. Meanwhile, Jesse is sure she’ll make a fool of herself. And for some reason he’s not willing to let that happen.

This stubborn bachelor and determined bachelorette will soon learn that their plans rarely work out as expected—but God’s plans always will.

My Thoughts

The Courtship Plan by Kathleen Fuller is a cute story.  Charity Raber arrives in Birth Creek, Ohio with one goal in mind—to find a husband.  Charity’s critical stepmother showed her an ad stating that bachelor’s in the town were looking for wives and then she pushed her out the door.  Unfortunately, Charity has no success in finding a suitor.  Her hopes rise when she is set up on a lunch date with Jesse Bontrager.  It turned out to be nothing more than a cruel prank.  A year later, Charity is serving as a companion to a kind English woman near Marigold.  Charity still wishes to marry and has come up with a courtship plan.  Jesse takes a new job and moves in next door to Charity.  Jesse learns of Charity’s plan.  He is afraid that Charity will end up making a fool of herself.   Jesse has gotten to know Charity and he does not want to see her feelings hurt.  

I laughed often while reading The Courtship Plan.  The author created great characters.  I enjoyed getting to know Jesse, Charity, and Shirley Pearson.  Shirley is the older woman who is Charity’s employer.  I loved Monroe, Shirley’s dog.  I believe Monroe was Houdini in a previous life.  Monroe’s antics had me chuckling.  Charity is quirky character.  Her mouth had no filter.  Charity has a big heart.  She is aware of her failings thanks to her disparaging stepmother.  Jesse is a kindhearted man.  He is looking forward to peace and quiet in his new home (he comes from a large, noisy family).  Jesse did not count on the gregarious Charity or an escape artist dog.  The romance moved along at a gentle pace which suited the story and characters.  The faith elements include forgiveness, prayer, God’s plan for our lives, and God’s timing.  There is a good life lesson in this story.  The importance of taking responsibility for our actions and making things right (no matter how much time has passed).  I enjoyed the first An Amish of Marigold Novel, and I am looking forward to the next book in the series.  The Courtship Plan is an entertaining tale with an upsetting prank, a foolproof plan, an escapee pooch, a convivial family, and a gentle God.

The Courtship Plan is available from Amazon*.  Two to Tango is Kathleen Fuller's next release.  It is fourth A Maple Falls Romance and it will publish on July 11.  Readers can follow Kathleen Fuller on Amazon to receive an email when she has a new book coming out.  Thank you for joining me today.  Tomorrow I will share my thoughts on A Study in Chocolate by Amber Royer.  It is the fifth Bean to Bar Mystery.  I am off to battle a bolt and nut.  All I want to do is replace the old toilet seat.  Unfortunately, the nut is rusted in place.  I have tried dish soap and WD40.  I followed several suggestions I found online, but the nut has stayed in place.  The only option left is to cut the bolt off.   I tried to use the cutting wheel on the Dremel, and I ended up with two broken cutting wheels. It is time to bring out the big guns.  Wish me luck!  I hope that you have an uplifting day.  Take care and Happy Reading!


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