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Fatal Fascinator by Jenn McKinlay

 Fatal Fascinator

Book Summary

Hip hip beret! Hatmakers Scarlett Parker and Vivian Tremont return and must collar a killer when a castle wedding goes awry in New York Times bestselling author Jenn McKinlay’s new Hat Shop Mystery.

It’s wedding season and Viv’s longtime frenemy Piper May is getting married. She convinces Viv and Scarlett to take on the job of designing the headpieces for her “wedding of the year.” The well-to-do bride and her entourage are delighted to have Viv and Scarlett as their famous hat designer guests, but the hat-making pair are really just looking forward to a getaway at a castle in Sussex. It is to be a weekend full of events, culminating in the big ceremony.  
Unfortunately, on the first night of the festivities, the groom is found murdered, and the joyous holiday becomes the stuff of nightmares as no one is allowed to leave the castle until the investigation is complete. Although Scarlett assures Harrison Wentworth, her fiancé, that she and Viv will stay out of harm’s way, circumstances force them to step in when a secret affair between the deceased groom and a bridesmaid comes to light, and the murderer takes another life. Scarlett and Viv vow to unveil the killer’s identity before the wedding adds another to its death toll.
My Thoughts

Fatal Fascinator by Jenn McKinlay is a delightful story.  I am pleased to see the return of A Hat Shop Mysteries.  Scarlett Parker and her cousin, Vivian Tremont are back.  Viv agrees to make the bridesmaid’s hats for Piper May’s upcoming wedding.  Scarlett convinces Viv to attend the event which will give them a weekend in the country.  Unfortunately, their relaxing weekend goes awry when the groom is found dead.  The lead detective declares that no one can leave while the crime is being investigated.  Scarlett, of course, cannot resist digging into the case.  She gets help from Viv and her dashing fiancé, Harrison Wentworth.  Can the trio discover the killer’s identity before he strikes again?  

Fatal Fascinator is a fun story to read.  I love the characters, especially Scarlett.  She is a lively woman.  Scarlett is engaged to Harrison and has a darling puppy.  Things are never dull when Scarlett is around.  Vivian is a fashionista who is more reserved than her American cousin.  Harrison is a sweet guy who loves Scarlett.  The mystery was interesting, but it a little weak.  The murder of the fiancé occurs around the halfway mark.  I wish it had happened sooner.  By the time the whodunit happens, I knew who and how.  I had an inkling as to the why.  I am hoping the author will up her game in the next A Hat Shop MysteryFatal Fascinator is the seventh A Hat Shop Mystery.  It can be read as a standalone if you are new to the series.  I do recommend reading all the books in this engaging series.  There is humor throughout the story.  Scarlett manages to get herself in the oddest predicaments.  Fatal Fascinator is a diverting tale with an unbending bride, a precious puppy, superfluous luggage, a lifeless fiancé, a determined detective, fashionable fascinators, and a wedding date debate.

Fatal Fascinator is available from Amazon*.  The other books in A Hat Shop Mysteries can be found here.  You can find Jenn McKinlay's other delightful books here.  If you follow Jenn McKinlay on Amazon, they will send you an email when she has a new book release.  Thank you for taking time out of your day to join me.  I will return on Tuesday, January 10 with Dial M for Meow by Ruth J. Hartman.  It is the debut of the Bookshop Kitties Mysteries.  I hope that you have a happy day.  Take care and Happy Reading!


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