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Love Through the Seasons by Tracie Peterson

 Love through the Seasons

Book Summary

Bestselling author Tracie Peterson celebrates 30 years of writing with a collection of both old and new stories.
Four short contemporary romances take readers to the author’s native state of Kansas.
Spring – 
Stormy Weather

Gina Bowden, a young widow, fights city council to regain funding for her son’s Boy Scout troop. Something better than lightning hits, though, when she teams up with the equally tenacious troop leader.
Summer – 
King of Hearts

Elise Jost is a non-traditional student just one credit short of graduating. A hard-working woman determined to establish herself in the business world, she enrolls begrudgingly in a Renaissance appreciation course that will complete her credit hours. Her life’s direction takes a different course when she makes a high grade with Professor Ian Hunter.
Autumn – 
Falling for Love

Karen Armstrong Jacobs has been widowed for five years and has taken in her mother to live with her. When she learns her mother’s three sisters need a place to live, she opens her home up to them as well. Now there are a lot of repairs that need to be made to the house for safety’s sake. Enter Dan Polk, a widower with a contracting business and a heart for ministry, who makes over the house and Karen's lonely heart.
Winter – 
Silent Nights

Lynn Murphy always dreamed of having the perfect marriage, and for a while she delighted in her dream come true. But Frank’s job has gradually overtaken their lives. When their plans for an anniversary trip at Christmastime are ruined by yet another business obligation, Lynn decides she’s had enough. She runs away to her grandfather’s house looking for answers. Only there does she begin to glimpse the surprising ways that God will satisfy the desires of her heart.
My Thoughts
Love through the Seasons by Tracie Peterson contains four contemporary, Christian stories.  Each story takes place during one of the four seasons.  We get to enjoy spring, summer, fall and winter along with the activities and holidays that take place during those seasons.  We are not given the year in the novellas.  I know that they are not the present day because of certain references.  Each story has a theme or moral.  I like the Christian themes in each novella.  There are good life lessons.  I found the stories to be easy to read.  Each story can be read in a sitting. Each novella begins with a problem, and we see the characters work to overcome them with help from God.  My favorite story was Falling in Love which takes place in autumn.  Karen Armstrong lives with her mother on the family farm.  They soon invite the mother’s sisters to live with them.  Modifications need to be done to the home.  Karen hires Dan Polk and his sons to do the needed renovations.  Karen and Dan have both lost their spouses.  Karen’s mother and aunts decide to do a little matchmaking.  It is a cute story.  I would have liked a whole book involving these characters.  

My least favorite story is Silent Nights (the winter tale).  Lynn Murphy and her husband, Frank have been married for ten years.  Frank is gone on business trips more than he is at home.  When Frank cancels their tenth anniversary trip to Mexico, Lynn decides she has had enough.  She heads to her grandfather’s home to think things through.  There is a lot of bickering which got on my nerves.  Frank and Lynn both have valid issues.  The problem is that neither one has bothered to share their concerns with their spouse. This tale was lacking.  I thought there was too much repetition.  My favorite character in this story is Gramps.    Love through the Seasons comprises four sweet, feel-good romances that transports readers to Kansas.

Love through the Seasons is available from Amazon*.  You can find Tracie Peterson's other novel here.  Thank you for stopping by today.  It is the first day of February!  Valentine's decorations are everywhere along with chocolates and candy.  I have decided to do something special for my neighbor's this year.  I know that many of them are alone which can make a person feel down.  I thought I would leave a little something for each of them anonymously.  Do you like to do surprises for people?  Do you have any recommendations for my gift bags?  I will return tomorrow to share my thoughts on Life and Love at Mulberry Lane by Rosie Clarke.  It is the latest novel in The Mulberry Lane series.  I hope that you have a special day.  Take care and Happy Reading!


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