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Dread and Buried by Angie Fox

 Dread and Buried
Book Summary

Dead men tell no tales.

Until they meet ghost hunter Verity Long.

Verity Long is proud to say she gets along with just about anybody—dead or alive. But she’s put to the test when her well-meaning boyfriend and her sweet-as-pie sister con her into a remote island “double date” weekend with her sister’s new flame and Verity’s long-time nemesis, Alec Duranja.

Her plans to avoid the uptight police officer go up in smoke when the four of them team up for a weekend treasure hunt competition based on the island’s legendary pirate past. And it doesn’t take long for Verity and her team to discover more than game clues. Someone is using the game to dig up real pirate gold...and they’re willing to kill to keep it.
There’s no escaping the island or the game. And when the killer targets someone Verity loves, she realizes she’s the only one who can uncover the truth behind the legend. She must stay one step ahead of the dangers of the island and two steps ahead of Frankie’s new ghostly pirate buddies—all in a race against time to solve a centuries-old puzzle and take down a real live killer before he strikes again.
My Thoughts

Dread and Buried by Angie Fox is an amusing paranormal mystery.  I laughed often while reading about Verity and Frankie’s latest adventure.  I felt for Verity.  Verity loves her sister, Melody.  Melody’s birthday wish, though, was hard one for Verity to agree to.  Verity and Ellis were invited (like she could refuse) on a weekend double date to a remote island (Phantom Island) with Melody and her boyfriend (Verity’s nemesis), Alec Duranja.  The weekend gets off to a rough start when Verity runs late after forgetting Lucy’s favorite toy.  Melody waits until they are on Phantom Island to inform them the weekend is a treasure hunt, and they are competing against three other teams.  One team is particularly ruthless.  The foursome soon discovers that someone is searching for more than the game's prize.  Verity believes the island’s legend about buried treasure could be true.  She will need to keep her wits about her to stay ahead of the bad guys as well as Frankie and his new pirate chums.

I quickly devoured Dread and Buried.  Verity Long is a great character and so is Frankie.  I did miss Lucy in this book.  She is staying with a friend while Verity is away.  Frankie was not as present in this story.  He popped up now and then when Verity called for him.  I missed his witty repartee.  Alec Duranja is a character that grows on you.  Melody sees a different side of Duranja (who knew the man owned a dog), and she wants Verity to get to know him.  I thought the books she gifted Verity and Duranja were hilarious.  The mystery is fun.  While I found it easy to solve, my mother only solved part of it before the reveal (my mother could not wait to get her hands on this book).  I did find it odd that Melody would date someone who shows such antagonism towards Verity especially considering how accepting and supportive Melody is of Verity’s gift.  Dread and Buried is the twelfth book in A Southern Ghost Hunter Mysteries.  It can be read as a standalone, but I recommend reading this delightful series in order.  It will allow you to get to know the characters and Verity’s journey (her struggles and triumphs). One of my favorite lines from Dread and Buried is when Frankie says, “Is that a pirate ship in the distance?  he demanded, giddy as a goat in clover.”  Another is when Verity says, “There was something about a mystery that always puts a spring in my step.”   Dread and Buried is an entertaining tale with an isolated island, an infuriating nemesis, a thrilling treasure hunt, sweet skunk earrings, troublesome twin contenders, bothersome books, an unforeseen find, a frustrating Frankie, a precious parrot, and a vexed Verity.

Dread and Buried is available from Amazon*, Nook, and Kobo.  The audiobook will be out on June 6.  Here is a link to read an excerpt from Dread and Buried. You can find the other A Southern Ghost Hunter Mysteries here.  You can follow Angie Fox on Amazon and receive an email when she has a new book release.  Thank you for joining me today.  I will return on Tuesday, April 25 with Paper Cuts by Ellery Adams.  It is the sixth A Secret, Book, and Scone Society Novel (and my favorite).  There are several good books coming out next Tuesday (I have been up late reading every night).  I hope that you have an entertaining weekend.  Take care and Happy Reading!


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