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Courage in the Storm by Laurel Blount

Courage in the Storm
Book Summary

In this powerful Amish romance, an isolated woman and a compassionate man learn that love can build a bridge between their two worlds.

Since witnessing the murder of her beloved parents, Miriam Hochstedler suffers from paralyzing anxiety and a deep-seated fear of the Englisch. Unwilling to venture beyond her family’s Tennessee farm, she forms a close bond with a badly injured gelding. Like Miriam herself, the traumatized animal seems unlikely to recover—until skilled horse whisperer Reuben Brenneman arrives.
A survivor of an abusive childhood, Reuben understands fear better than most. He’ll do whatever it takes to help a terrified animal, but his compassion doesn’t extend to the church that turned a blind eye to his family’s suffering. Once he finishes this job, he’ll return to the Englisch world, putting his Amish heritage behind him forever.
As Miriam works alongside Reuben, battling the horse’s fear—and her own—an unexpected friendship blooms and deepens into romance. But the Amish faith that sustains her inspires only distrust in Reuben, and the Englisch world he’s chosen has already broken her heart once.
Falling in love was easy. But staying together will take all the courage they have.

My Thoughts

Courage in the Storm by Laurel Blount is a touching tale.  It is a delight to return to Johns Mill.  I enjoyed getting to know Miriam and her caring family along with Rueben and Breeze.  Courage in the Storm is well-written with steady pacing.  The characters are realistic and developed.  I can tell that the author did her research for this story.  She captured the fear a human and animal can feel after a traumatic event.  In Courage in the Storm, “Fear always has its reasons.  It comes down to experience usually.”  I like the analogy of relating a wild animal’s fear of humans to be a learned behavior.  I see it with the feral cats in my community.  They learn to fear humans from their mother and the other cats.  The path to healing is bumpy and slow.  You can make progress and then an incident happens that will set them back (the old one step forward and two steps back).   Rueben came to help a horse and ended up aiding Miriam as well.  In exchange, Miriam helped Ruben with his issues.  

I liked Johns Mill new bishop, Abram King.  He was a breath of fresh air.  I like how he handled situations and counseled the members of his community.  There is humor in the story (a little levity was needed).  I loved hearing about Miriam and her chickens (and the rooster).  I had to laugh at the names Miriam gave the chickens.  Miriam said that “each chicken has a unique personality.”  Courage in the Storm is the third A Johns Mill Amish Romance.  It can be read as a standalone, but I highly recommend reading Shelter in the Storm and Strength in the Storm.  I like that we get to catch up with the characters from both of those books.  I am looking forward to reading Home from the Storm (we get Caleb and Rhoda’s story).   One of my favorite phrases from Courage in the Storm is, “. . . asking for Gott’s help to do what’s needed.  With Him, we can do many things that seem too hard at first.”  Courage in the Storm is a heartfelt tale with a fearful maedel, a frightened horse, a patient trainer, concerned relatives, a benevolent bishop, and a gracious Gott.  

Courage in the Storm is available from Amazon*.  The first two novels in A Johns Mill Amish Romance series are Shelter in the Storm and Strength in the Storm. The fourth book in A Johns Mill Amish Romance series is Home from the Storm which will be out on December 26 (a good way to use you Christmas gift card).   Laurel has the inspirational romance A Family to Foster coming out on August 22.  Readers can follow Laurel Blount on Amazon and you will receive an email when she has a new book release.  Thank you for joining me today.  I will return tomorrow with Poaching is Puzzling by Daryl Wood Gerber.  It is the twelfth A Cookbook Nook Mystery.  I hope that you have an inspiring day.  I am off to work on my back bike chain.  I am finding the quick link to be frustrating.  I have watched several videos and they make it look easy.  I can get one side, but I cannot get the other side.  I am determined to get it.  Wish me luck!  Take care and Happy Reading!


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