Wednesday, December 6, 2023

The Orphans' Amish Christmas by Tracy Fredrychowski

 The Orphans' Amish Christmas
Book Summary

It will take an Amish miracle to save Christmas for the Willow Springs Children's Home orphans.

When presents are stolen right before the annual Christmas benefit, Lydia Troyer and Aaron Shetler join forces with Detective Lewis Powers to unravel the mystery. The town's Christmas spirit is tested by strange events that leave the community ready to cancel all holiday festivities.

When prominent Amish businessman Milo Glick goes missing, it will take special detective skills to discover the truth behind his sudden disappearance. As the closed-lipped Amish community hinders Detective Powers' efforts, he is forced to employ Lydia, Aaron, and one special Labrador named Yankee to help solve the case. Will their discovery put them at odds with the traditions of their beliefs, or will they bring a newfound hope to the true meaning of Christmas?

Christmas should be a time for joy and hope, but for fourteen orphaned children, all is lost unless Lydia can find a way to give them more than they could hope for this holiday season.

The Orphans’ Amish Christmas is an Amish mystery novella that introduces you to the Willow Springs Amish Mystery Romance Series. If you like secrets, disappearances, plot twists, and sometimes murder, then you'll adore Tracy Fredrychowski's small-town whodunnit Amish mysteries.

My Thoughts

The Orphans’ Amish Christmas by Tracy Fredrychowski is a tale that mixes a mystery alone with the true meaning of Christmas.  I thought the story was well written with realistic characters.  I enjoyed getting to spend time with Lydia, Aaron, Aaron’s sweet daughter, and Lydia’s dog, Yankee.  Thanks to the case of the missing gifts and the disappearance of their benefactor, Milo Glick, we get to know Detective Powers.  The story has a touch of romance.  I would have liked to have read Lydia and Aaron’s story (how they came to be together) before this novella.  I enjoyed following Detective Powers as well as Lydia and Aaron as they set out to find Milo and the missing gifts.  It was an interesting mystery.  I enjoyed how the true meaning of Christmas was explained.  I could understand why Aaron’s daughter wanted a Christmas tree at home.  I liked Aaron’s explanation as to why the Amish do not have Christmas trees.  The story has a heartwarming ending.

The Orphans' Amish Christmas is available from Amazon*.  If you are a member of Kindle Unlimited, you can read it for freeThe Amish Book Seller will be out June 4, 2024.  It is the first A Willow Springs Amish Mystery Romance. You can find Tracy Fredrychowski's other novels here.  Thank you for joining me today.  I will return on December 12 with Ruth's Ginger Snap Surprise by Anne Blackburne.  I hope that you have a delightful weekend.  Take care and Happy Reading!


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