Tuesday, December 5, 2023

The Year of Goodbyes and Hellos by Kelly Irvin

 The Year of Goodbyes and Hellos
Book Summary

Two sisters seek a new balance in work, family, and love when one receives a diagnosis that sets the clock ticking.

Determined to save Sherri’s life, Kristen drops everything to guide her sister on the harrowing cancer treatment journey. When she’s unable to balance the strain of caring for her patients, being a wife and mother, and her frantic efforts to save her sister, Kristen’s carefully balanced life crumbles, starting with her marriage. Desperate to regain her footing, she vows to rebuild her broken relationships . . . as soon as she’s sure Sherri will beat the odds stacked against her.

Unlike her sister, Sherri Reynolds has worked to cultivate balance in her life. Her children, her job as a teacher, and her strong faith keep her grounded—until her diagnosis sends her spiraling into the scary world of what-ifs and unknown outcomes. Sherri faces the agonizing realization that family history may be about to repeat itself. With the clock ticking, she’s determined to use whatever time she has left to heal old wounds and restore relationships.

My Thoughts

The Year of Goodbyes and Hellos by Kelly Irvin is an emotional tale.  I thought the story was well-written with realistic, developed characters.  The author captured the emotions that are experienced by an individual when they receive a cancer diagnosis as well as by those close to person (family, friends, coo-workers).  The author was able to share her knowledge and experience (with stage 4 ovarian cancer) in this story.  I can tell that Kelly Irvin did her research.  I had no idea that insurance would not cover all the costs.  You can go severely into debt trying to get cured. I liked reading about the caring oncologists and how they are there for their patients.   The Year of Goodbyes and Hellos is told from Kristen (the sister who is the oncologist), Sherri (the sister who is diagnosed with cancer), and Daniel’s (Kristen’s husband) point-of-view.  

The story deals with a variety of topics.  Kristen and Daniel are empty nesters who are drifting apart.  Kristen is a dedicated doctor.  We get to see what happened in Kristen’s childhood that drew the sisters closer and led her to become an oncologist.  Sherri is divorced, but she still cares for her ex-husband.  Forgiveness, job dynamics, family troubles, grief, new beginnings, and faith are other topics addressed in this touching story.  We get to see the ups and downs of a family affected by a cancer diagnosis.  Faith was beautifully woven into the story.  Faith and Sherri’s church family are an important part of her life.  You will want to have a box of tissues nearby while reading The Year of Goodbyes and Hellos.  The Year of Goodbyes and Hellos is an expressive story with close sisters, a scary diagnosis, a dedicated doctor, thoughtful friends, costly chemo, a frustrated husband, a devoted family, and a firm faith.

The Year of Goodbyes and Hellos is available from Amazon*.  To read the first four chapters of The Year of Goodbyes and Hellos plus learn about Kelly's cancer journey and subscribe to her newsletter, click here. Kelly Irvin has Matters of the Heart coming out July 16, 2024.  It is the second An Amish Calling Novel.  You can find Kelly Irvin's other novels here.  If you follow Kelly Irvin on Amazon, they will send you an email when she has a new book release.  Thank you for stopping by today.  A couple of the other new books out today are Death by Demo by Callie Carpenter, The Orphans' Amish Christmas by Tracy Fredrychowski, Sniffing Out Murder by Kallie E. Benjamin, and Murder of an Amish Bridegroom by Patricia Johns.  I hope that you have a hopeful day.  Take care and Happy Reading!


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  1. I am looking forward to reading this book. Sounds very emotional but interesting. I will have my tissue ready. Kelly’s books are great. Thanks for sharing.

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