Monday, January 25, 2016

Lights, Camera, Murder!

Weekends just seem to fly by!  Happy Opposite Day!  This day could lead to a lot of confusion if it was widely celebrated.  This day is mostly celebrated by younger children (elementary school age). A teacher can make a good lesson out of this day. Now for a little bit of history. In 1924 the first Winter Olympic Games opened in France!  Nellie Bly, journalist and adventurer, finished her 72 day trans-global journey that was inspired by the book Around the World in 80 Days.  Thomas Goldsmith, Jr. filed for the world's first video game patent in 1947 (the beginning of the downfall of our society).  In 1949 the first Emmy's award ceremony is held.  A children's show ventriloquist won the first Emmy.  These tidbits are helpful on trivia nights!

Lights, Camera, and Murder by Marie Celine is the second book in the Kitty Karlyle Pet Chef Mysteries.  Kitty Karlyle is a gourmet pet chef in Los Angeles, California.  She makes meals for the pets of the very wealthy and famous (she does meals for all types of pets including pigs).   Kitty is getting ready (reluctantly) to film a pilot for a new cooking show called The Pampered Pet for CuisineTV at Santa Monica Film Studios.    After filming the pilot, Kitty looks for the producer, Gretchen Corbett to see how she liked the show.  Unfortunately for Kitty, she finds Gretchen face down in her office with one of Kitty’s knives in her back.  Kitty is shocked at her discovery.  Then the security guard comes along and thinks she murdered Gretchen (she is standing over the body).   The police are called and one of them is Kitty’s fiancé, Jack Young.  Kitty is a suspect and she does not like being in the hot seat.  Kitty with the help of her new friend (and roommate), Fran Earhart (who is loud, flamboyant, and can be a wee bit annoying) sets out to find the killer.  Kitty will have to work quickly before she is arrest for the crime or the killer decides she is a nuisance.  Kitty also has to deal with her jealously of Jack’s new boss, Lt. Elin Nordstrom (a goddess according to Kitty).  Can Kitty keep her fiancé from falling for another woman while keeping herself out of jail?

Lights, Camera, Murder is the second book but it can be read as a stand-alone.  It is a cute story, but a little too silly (and sometimes unbelievable) for me.  For a reader who likes silly humor, this is the book for them.  The mystery is child’s play to solve (the author gives it away).  The writer tries to lead us on a merry chase on a search for the killer, but none of them make sense (or are logical).  I wish the murder had not occurred so early in the book (it makes for a long book).  There are a couple of references (ambiguous or incomplete) to the first book (Dishing Up Death) in the story, but they do not detract from the reading of the book.  I did not like most of the characters (they are too over the top).  Kitty is immature (and has a big jealous streak) for a business woman.  I think the characters lacked depth.  We are only given superficial information on the main people in the story.  I give Lights, Camera, Murder 3 out of 5 stars (it is okay).  The idea is good, but the final product just needs a little more work.

The first book in the Kitty Karlyle Pet Chef Mysteries is Dishing Up Death. I received a complimentary copy of Lights, Camera, and Murder from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.

I am currently reading Joshua's Mission by Vannetta Chapman.  I am off to the grocery store.  The cats are out of food (again).  Have a good day, stay safe (and warm), and Happy Reading!

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