Sunday, January 3, 2016

Murder Most Malicious

Today is Festival of Sleep Day!  This is my kind of day.  It is a day you can sleep in, go to bed early, or take a little nap.  It is the perfect day for it.  It is cool outside (hooray) and dark (as well as raining).  We need to be rested up for the Downton Abbey premiere tonight!

Murder Most Malicious by Alyssa Maxwell is the first book in Lady and Lady’s Maid Mystery series.  It is Christmas Day at Foxwood Hall in Little Barlow, England (1918). Phoebe Renshaw, granddaughter to the Earl of Wroxley, is nineteen years old.  Phoebe is inquisitive and likes to be busy.  Now that the war is over, Phoebe is a bit bored.  That evening Phoebe overhears an argument between her elder sister, Julia and her beau, Henry Leighton, the Marquis of Allerton.  Everyone is hoping an engagement is going to be announced soon between these two (it would be a good match).  However, Julia has other ideas.

The next day the staff is given time off for Boxing Day.  The staff are given their presents from the Renshaw family before they leave to enjoy their afternoon off.   When Eva Huntford, lady’s maid to Phoebe and her sisters, opens her box she finds a finger with a ring attached.  The ring looks just like the one Henry Leighton wears.  Other people find similar discoveries in their gift boxes from the Renshaw’s (fingers with baubles inside).  Why did just these people receive the body parts along with something valuable?  And where is Henry Leighton?  The Marquis of Allerton has not been seen all day.  When the local constable suspects George Vernon, the head footman, Phoebe and Eva start investigating.  Phoebe is concerned her sister, Julia may be involved. 

Murder Most Malicious sounded like such a good book.  I found it to be just satisfactory.  It is a very superficial book.   We are not given much information on any of the characters (not that I liked them very much).  I also did not like that the murder occurred so early in book (no build up).  Murder Most Malicious is written is a nice, easy style and the author provided good clues to help the reader solve the mystery. 

You can follow Alyssa Maxwell on Amazon to get updates on her latest releases.  I received a complimentary copy of Murder Most Malicious from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.

I am currently reading The Restaurant Critic's Wife by Elizabeth LaBan.  I hope all of you have had an enjoyable Sunday!  I am enjoying (loving) our cool weather here in Florida.  I wish it could last forever (I am living in the wrong state).  I am off to fix dinner and get ready for Downton Abbey! Take care and Happy Reading!

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