Thursday, January 14, 2016

Snow Globe

Today is Dress Up Your Pet Day!  When I was a child, we had a little poodle named Fluffy.  My sister and I would dress the poor thing up in clothes (before you could buy special doggy clothes in pet stores).  None of my current dogs will let me put clothes on them!  We have a chihuahua, but he is not so little (he is the laziest dog) nor does he like us to put clothes on him.  I tried the first winter he was with us and ended up with a big bite mark on my hand.  Do you have a pet you can dress up? Today is the day to parade him or her around in all their finery!

Snow Globe by Jeanne Skartsiaris is a young adult paranormal novel (sort of) set in Dallas, Texas.  Aja (pronounced Asia) Harmon is eighteen years old and finishing up her senior year of high school.  Her mother has moved her around every year of her academic career (which has made it rough on Aja).  The principal and some of the teachers have made judgements of Aja based on her file, appearance, and her mother’s occupation as a psychic (she is the real deal).  Aja decides if they think she is bad she will do something bad.  She then steals $40 from Mrs. Dempsey’s purse (the English teacher who dislikes Aja).  When the police (Officer Clay) arrive at her house to arrest her, Aja sneaks out (and hurries to work).  Aja meets Walker who offers her a lift to her job at Abercrombie and Fitch.  Aja gets fired when she confronts a customer who is abusing her daughter (the store sides with the mother).  Aja gets a new job at Golden Leaves Retirement Community (she is saving up money to move to California after she graduates) thanks to her new friend Walker.  Aja will be a waitress in the resident dining room.  The one person that Aja has in her corner (besides her mother) is the school counselor Mrs. Burnett.  She believes in Aja and is encouraging her (and helping her).

Aja was not sure she would enjoy working with the elderly, but the residents surprise her (except for one who seems to dislike her).  Aja also makes a friend in Walker whose grandparents are residents at Golden Leaves and with Mr. Jenson (who believes Aja looks like his wife).  Aja, unfortunately, has caught the attention of (corrupt and lecherous) Officer Clay.  When jewelry goes missing at Golden Leaves will Aja be able to prove that she was not the culprit?  Aja will have to fight the system and prove to people there is more to her than meets the eye.  Aja has special abilities (like her mother) but they scare her.  Will Aja ever be able to accept her abilities (and who she is)? 

Snow Globe is a good novel, but I found it a little lacking.  I wanted more of the paranormal element.  The novel teaches a lesson about make snap judgements about people (about perceptions based on appearances).  The novel is written well and engaging.  There is a lot going on in the book, but I liked how the teenagers interacted with the elderly (and that they learned from each other).  I give Snow Globe 4 out of 5 stars.  Snow Globe has a lovely ending that wraps up all the storylines.  Snow Globe is a young adult novel, but can be read by all adults.  I hope my review of the novel makes sense. It is a difficult novel to explain (there is a lot going on).  I wanted to provide better information than the blurb on Amazon and Goodreads (because there is very little paranormal elements in this book).  

Snow Globe is available on Kindle Unlimited (if you are a member or wish to try it for free for thirty days).  I received a complimentary copy of Snow Globe from NetGalley (and the publisher) in exchange for an honest review. 

I am currently reading Home to Cedar Branch by Brenda Bevan Remmes.  I am off to cook dinner on the grill.  Have a great evening and Happy Reading!

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