Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Accidental Sire: A Half-Moon Hollow Novel

Welcome.  The Forgotten Family of Liverpool by Pam Howes, the second book in The Mersey Trilogy, came out today.  It takes readers back to the 1950s in Liverpool, England.  I am featuring Molly Harper and her A Half-Moon Hollow series today.  If you are a fan of her books, I suggest you check out her website and Facebook page.

Accidental Sire by Molly Harper is the latest delightful installment in A Half-Moon Hollow series.  Meghan Keene is an undergrad at the University of Kentucky.  She is enjoying a mixer (human/vampire) party hosted by Ophelia Lambert (as a punishment) and meets Ben Overby.  They enjoy a lovely evening, kiss goodnight and then Meghan is hit with a 45lb. dumbbell on her way back inside her dorm (vampires were playing Ultimate Frisbee).  Thankfully, Meghan signed the consent form to be turned in case of emergency.  A volunteer sire is quickly obtained and Meghan is turned.  When Meghan wakes up, Ben is in her room (you just know this is not going to end well).  A thirsty Meghan takes a little “sip” (he gave permission) and then Ben collapses.  Jane Jameson-Nightengale is summoned, and she whisks the pair away to Half-Moon Hollow.  Open Accidental Sire for another fun adventure with Jane, Gabriel, Ophelia, Dick, Georgie and friends. 

Accidental Sire is an amusing and engaging novel.   I was pulled into the story from the very beginning (and I did not pop out until I finished the last word).  I did not want Accidental Sire to conclude.  I giggled, chuckled, and outright laughed while reading this paranormal mystery novel (there are some great one-liners and plenty of snark).  Accidental Sire is well-written, easy to read, and has a fast pace.  I appreciated that Ms. Harper has given us a new vampire with unique traits (spoilers).  If you have not had the pleasure of reading A Half-Moon Hollow Novel previously, I do not suggest you start with Accidental Sire.  I can guarantee you will be lost.  While Accidental Sire focuses on Ben’s story, characters from the previous novels are present (actually, all of them including creepy Georgie).  Their lives and stories have been told in the previous books in the series (which are equally delightful).  I am rating Accidental Sire 5 out of 5 stars (I loved it).  I especially liked that readers have had the opportunity to see these original characters grow and develop over the course of the series (fourteen books approximately).  The biggest change has happened to Jane.  It is amazing to see how far Jane has come since Nice Girls Don’t Have Fangs.  At the beginning of reach chapter are tips on how to raise an “unplanned vampire” (humorous).   Accidental Sire has romance, suspense, a unicorn room, mystery, vampires, werewolves, humor, and so much more.  I wish there were more books like this one.

I am currently reading The Address by Fiona Davis which will be published on August 1.  Next time I will be reviewing You, Me and the Voodoo Queen by G.A. Chase.  May you have a wonderful Wednesday.  Take care and Happy Reading!

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