Monday, October 9, 2017

Colors of Christmas: Two Christian Christmas Stories by Olivia Newport

Happy Monday!  The Skeleton Paints a Picture by Leigh Perry will be out on Tuesday, October 10. Sid is back in the fourth book in A Family Skeleton Mystery series.

Colors of Christmas by Olivia Newport contains two inspirational Christmas stories.  Christmas in Gold stars Astrid who recently suffered a fall in her home causes her to break her ankle.  It was all her children needed to force her move into Sycamore Hills Community Living.  Carly is Astrid’s physical therapist at Sycamore Hills.  She has been having a challenging time since Truman started harassing her.  As time passes, Astrid tells Carly the story of her life in Germany during the war and what she experienced after immigrating to America.  Astrid’s strong character and perseverance give Carly hope and strength.   Is there a chance for a happily ever after in Carly’s future?  Will Astrid adjust to her new living arrangement?

Christmas in Blue is the second story starring piano teacher, Angela Carter.  Angela lives in Spruce Valley and she is lacking the Christmas spirit this year.  Her best friend, Carole passed away earlier in the year and it has left Angela feeling very blue.  Angela is late to A Christmas to Remember committee meeting and finds herself in charge of the whole events with only eight days to go.  A Christmas to Remember was Carole’s baby and the last thing Angela wants to do is take it over.  She soon discovers that the event seems to be doomed from the start with one catastrophe after another.  There is a stranger in town that stands out to the locals and they blame him for problems plaguing their celebration.  Angela, though, is happy to see Gabe despite what brought him to town.  Gabe provides Angela with hope and inspiration.  Will Angela be able to pull of A Christmas to Remember?  Why is Gabe in Spruce Valley? 

Colors of Christmas is well-written and easy to read.  I liked the characters, setting, and the Christian elements/lessons.  Astrid was a woman who had endured much hardship, but she had such a strong faith in God.  It was inspiring and heartening.  Christmas in Blue deals with depression which is common for many people during the Christmas season.  I liked the uplifting ending.  Some of the Christian messages or themes were faith, trust in God, hope, acceptance, courage, and perseverance.  I give Colors of Christmas 4 out of 5 stars (I liked it).  My favorite story was Christmas in Gold.  It had more depth and such a heartwarming conclusion.  Colors of Christmas contains two lovely, inspirational stories.  They show that Christmas is not about presents, but about helping people and honoring the one person who sacrificed everything for His believers.

May each of you have a dazzling day.  I will be featuring A Cajun Christmas Killing by Ellen Byron tomorrow.  Take care and Happy Reading!

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