Friday, October 13, 2017

Death Overdue: A Haunted Library Mystery

Welcome Back!   Knit to Kill by Anne Canadeo publishes on October 31.  It is A Black Sheep & Company Mystery.  The cover for Death Overdue is eye catching.  Look at all those beautiful cats and the cute little black cat!  And what reader doesn't love a window seat. 

Death Overdue by Allison Brook is the first book in A Haunted Library Mystery series.  Carrie Singleton has been staying (and working) in Clover Ridge, Connecticut with her Aunt Harriet and Uncle Bosco, but she feels it is about time to move on.  Then Carrie is offered the position as head of programs and events at Clover Ridge Library (thanks to Uncle Bosco).  Carrie accepts the position and settles into her new life.  The first program is retired homicide detective, Al Buckley talking about the fifteen-year-old murder of Laura Foster.  Al claims to have new evidence that will solve the case and bring the family closure.  Before Al can reveal his new evidence, he dies and his iPad is stolen.  Someone poisoned Al and Carrie feels responsible for his death (she pushed her boss to go ahead with the program).  She teams up with Jared Foster, Laura’s younger son, to not only find Al’s killer, but Laura’s as well.  Carrie is busy with learning her new job, looking for new evidence in the murders, dealing with a troublesome co-worker, and locating a place to live.  She does, though, get help from the library’s resident ghost, Evelyn Havers.  The killer is unhappy with Carrie’s investigation and sets out to make sure that Carrie is permanently checked out!

I was drawn into Death Overdue from the very beginning.  The author has a nice writing style that is engaging and makes for nice flowing story.  I liked the characters, the town, the library, Smokey Joe (the cat), and (my favorite) the ghost.  I am amazed at the events the library hosts (I wish my library had something besides boring lectures and movies).  The mystery (technically, there are two mysteries) was easily solved (all readers will figure this one out before the reveal).  I identified the guilty party before retired detective Al Buckley was pronounced dead.  The other elements, though, elevate the story.  I give Death Overdue 4 out of 5 pumpkins (I thought I would change things up for October).  The investigation consists of light questioning and some searching.  The book was also a tad too long (it needed to be shortened) and I could have done with less romance/flirting.  I hope we get to know more about Evelyn, the ghost, in the next book.  Evelyn is a great character and I want to know more about her past.  I also suspect her death was not just a simple slip and fall in an icy parking lot (at least I hope there is more to it).  I will definitely be reading the next book in A Haunted Library Mystery series (I want more)!

Thank you for your visit.  I will be sharing my thoughts on A Secret History of Witches by Louisa Morgan next time (I had a hard time with this one).  May you have a beautiful day and I hope it is cooler in your area than it is in mine (we are in the 90s still).  Take care and Happy Reading!

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