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A Lancaster Family Christmas by Kate Lloyd

 A Lancaster Family Christmas
Book Summary

What starts as a getaway to Amish Country could turn into the Christmas that changes Diana’s life forever, if only she opens her heart.

Diana can’t face another lonely Christmas in her Manhattan apartment. When a coworker invites her on a last-minute trip to visit her Mennonite family in Lancaster County, Diana jumps at the chance.

Arriving in Amish Country in the middle of a snowstorm, Diana discovers a world that couldn’t be more different from her life on the Upper East Side. She is fascinated by the sprawling farms and buggies on the roads, but what she really notices are the welcoming families, cozy kitchens filled with home-cooked meals…and the two handsome men who may or may not be vying for her attention.

But every community has its secrets. Jesse, the rakish young Amish farmer, is hiding more than just a forbidden cell phone. And then there’s handsome Brett, the guarded Mennonite craftsman who harbors a dark secret of his own.
My Thoughts

A Lancaster Family Christmas by Kate Lloyd takes readers from New York City to Lancaster County, Pennsylvania in December.  Diana Manzella is invited by her co-worker, Betsy Yoder to spend a few days with her Mennonite family.  Diana feels welcomed by Betsy’s warm family and loves spending time with their horses.  She is introduced to Betsy’s brother, Brett who she finds handsome and their neighbor, Jesse whom Betsy has harbored a crush on for many years.  Diana ends up spending Christmas with the family learning more about the family and the community.  A Lancaster Family Christmas is a sweet Christmas tale with some good life lessons along with a heaping dose of Christmas cheer.  The story contains good writing and it moved along at a good pace.  The characters are relatable, but I felt that they were not developed.  I felt like I barely knew Diana, Betsy, Jesse, and Brett.  I wanted to know more about Diana besides she comes from a well-to-do family, lives in a fancy apartment at a good address with a doorman, has a sweet dog named Piper, has a dead-end job, and parents who have been bickering which has them heading for divorce.  Forgiveness, grace, mercy, and community are some of the lessons in the story. There is a scene that is tense and heartbreaking.   I felt, though, that the story was a little higgledy piggledy.  It is a sweet story, but I wanted more depth. I did enjoy the feeling of Christmas and the swirling snow.  I would enjoy spending time in front of the Yoder’s fireplace or snuggling under a homemade quilt in their guestroom.  A Lancaster Family Christmas is a lighthearted Christmas tale that will get you in the mood for the holidays.  

A Lancaster Family Christmas is available from Amazon*.  The digital version is currently $1.99. You can download a sample to see if this Christmas story is for you.  You can find Kate Lloyd's other novels here.  Thank you for taking the time to read my review today.  I will return on Monday with Slashing Through the Snow by Jacqueline Frost.  It is the 3rd A Christmas Tree Farm Mystery.  I hope that you have a safe and Happy Halloween.  I have chocolates and caramels to indulge in.  Take care, be kind, and Happy Reading!


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