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In Hot Water by Kate Kingsbury

 In Hot Water
Book Summary

Vivian Wainwright is living her dream. The middle-aged widow owns the Misty Bay Tearoom, a quaint, English-accented shop on the Oregon coast. But on the eve of the tearoom's second anniversary, the dream turns nightmarish when a man falls to his death from a hotel balcony.

The body belongs to Dean Ramsey, ex-husband of Vivian's assistant, Jenna. Detective Tony Messina quickly zeroes in on Jenna as prime suspect, since she was seen leaving the hotel shortly before the body was found.

Vivian and her other assistant, Gracie, set out to help clear Jenna's name, using their wit and a bit of criminology know-how Vivian picked up from her late attorney husband. Detective Messina is on board, but he's starting to develop feelings for his number one suspect. Puzzling questions persist--chief among them, whose clothes was Dean wearing when he landed on the rocky shore?

To complicate matters, Vivian's friend, pet shop owner Hal Douglass, seems to know some secrets about the hotel that could add a long list of names to the suspect list...including Hal's own. Vivian must work quickly because if she can't, Jenna faces a murder rap...or worse.

My Thoughts

In Hot Water by Kate Kingsbury is the beginning of A Misty Bay Tearoom Mysteries.  Vivian Wainwright owns Willow Pattern Tearoom in Misty Bay, Oregon.  Jenna and Gracie are her two employees.  When Jenna’s ex-husband, Dean is found dead on the cliffs under the Blue Surf Hotel, Jenna becomes Detective Lieutenant Tony Messina’s prime suspect.  Vivian, Jenna, and Gracie work to clear Jenna and find the guilty party.  I thought In Hot Water was easy to read with good characters.  The characters suited the story.  I liked Vivian Wainwright who is an older protagonist (in her 60s).  I like that we are seeing more mature characters in cozy mysteries.  Normally in the first book in a series, we are introduced to our characters and given their background.  I found that lacking in this book.  We are given some background information, but I wanted more.  The point-of-view alternates between Vivian and Messina.  I am not sure how I like this format.  It is unique and it does allow readers to see how the police investigation is progressing (which was slow).  The mystery is straightforward.  It can be solved early in the book.  I wish it had been more of a challenge to solve.  I was easily able to discern the who and why.  There was a detail that came out later that was a surprise.  The three ladies kept busy asking questions.  They were able to obtain some helpful details.  They do receive threats which, of course, they ignore.  The mystery is wrapped up at the end.  I like the humor in the story.  I also like how well Jenna, Vivian, and Gracie get along.  I enjoy the friendship between Hal and Vivian as well.  In Hot Water is a lighthearted cozy mystery that provides a nice diversion from real life.  In Hot Water is a cute cozy mystery with teatime treats, a pink negligee, a nosedive death, a direct detective, hotel happenings, bothersome reporters, and three snoopy amateur sleuths.

In Hot Water is available from Amazon*.  You can find Kate Kingsbury's other titles here.  Thank you for visiting today and reading my review.  I will be back tomorrow with Christmas by the Book by Anne Marie Ryan.  I hope that you have  an upbeat day.  Take care, be kind, and Happy Reading!


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