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Chapter and Curse by Elizabeth Penney

 Chapter and Curse
Book Summary

Librarian Molly Kimball and her mother, Nina, need a change. So when a letter arrives from Nina’s Aunt Violet in Cambridge, England requesting their help running the family bookshop, they jump at the chance.

Thomas Marlowe—Manuscripts and Folios, is one of the oldest bookshops in Cambridge, and—unfortunately—customers can tell. When Molly and Nina arrive, spring has come to Cambridge and the famed Cambridge Literary Festival is underway. Determined to bring much-needed revenue to the bookstore, Molly invites Aunt Violet’s college classmate and famed poet Persephone Brightwell to hold a poetry reading in the shop. But the event ends in disaster when a guest is found dead—with Molly’s great-aunt’s knitting needle used as the murder weapon. While trying to clear Violet and keep the struggling shop afloat, Molly sifts through secrets past and present, untangling a web of blackmail, deceit, and murder.

My Thoughts

Molly Kimball and her mother, Nina relocate to Cambridge, England after receiving a letter from Nina’s Aunt Violet Marlowe.  Violet needs help getting the bookshop back in the black.  During a poetry reading at the shop during the Cambridge Literary Festival, a local woman is murdered using Aunt Violet’s knitting needle.  Molly with help from some new friends works to prove Aunt Violet’s innocence.  Chapter and Curse by Elizabeth Penney is the debut of The Cambridge Bookshop Series.  Elizabeth Penney captured Cambridge with the vivid descriptions.  I could envision the beautiful old buildings of the area.  The author created some great characters that live within a cozy community.  Molly is a smart woman who loves books.  She has great ideas for revitalizing the bookstore.  I like Nina, Molly’s mother.  I think she needed a change to help her recover from the death of her husband.  Aunt Violet, George, Daisy, Sir John, Kiernan, and the other people living on Magpie Lane are charming.  They are a friendly bunch who are welcoming.  The mystery was well-plotted.  We get to follow Molly as she conducts her investigation (you feel like you are in her shoes).  There are breadcrumbs for readers to follow to help them solve the crime.  I like how the mystery was laid out.  The reveal was unique and entertaining.  All the details regarding the whodunit were wrapped up so I was not left with lingering questions.  I thought Chapter and Curse was well-written with slower pacing.  I loved the book descriptions (like Molly, I love books) and meeting Puck.  There is some romance in the book as well.  I enjoyed my visit to Cambridge, and I look forward to returning in the next book.  Chapter and Curse is a charming English cozy mystery with a precious Puck, an abating bookshop, a deadly poetry reading, a purloined knitting needle, a crafty cousin, good pub grub, and stealthy sleuthing.  

Chapter and Curse is available from Amazon*.  You can find Elizabeth Penney's other novels here.  Thank you for stopping by today.  I will return on Monday with A Brush with Murder by Bailee Abbott.  It is the debut of A Paint by Murder Mysteries.  I hope everyone has a relaxing weekend.  I need to bathe Doozy, my dog.  The hard part is getting him there.  He is such a big fellow (part St. Bernard and part English Pointer), that I have to find the right bribe.  In our other house, I had smooth floors all the way to the shower so I could push him.  That will not work here.  Last time I had to use powdered donuts.  Wish me luck!  Take care, be kind, and Happy Reading!


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