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Honeymoons Can Be Hazardous by Amanda Flower

 Honeymoons Can Be Hazardous
Book Summary

Set in the fan favorite Amish village of Harvest, Ohio, the latest novel in USA Today bestselling author Amanda Flower's Amish Matchmaker series brings back the unlikely sleuthing duo of an Amish widow and her zany, thrice divorced best friend. Will appeal to fans of cozy mysteries, small-town mysteries, wholesome romance, inspirational fiction, and readers of Jennifer Beckstrand, Charlotte Hubbard, Rachel J. Good, and other authors of Amish fiction.

Millie’s decidedly 
 Amish best friend, Lois Henry, is outspoken, colorful, and so hopelessly romantic, she’s had four husbands. Millie doesn’t judge, and she also doesn’t expect to run into Lois’s most recent ex, gambler Gerome Moorhead, in small-town Harvest, Ohio. With him is the very young, new Mrs. Moorhead, aka “Honeybee.” Lois is outraged, but Millie is completely shocked to learn the next day that Gerome is already a widower . . .
When a large wood carving at the cozy Munich Chalet falls on “Honeybee,” all eyes turn toward Lois. Who else would want a tourist—a complete stranger—dead? And half of Harvest witnessed Lois’s enmity toward the young woman. Suddenly Millie must put aside her sewing needle and flex her sleuthing skills. She’s no stranger to a murder investigation, after all, and if she doesn’t learn who killed Honeybee, Lois could go from Millie’s boisterous best friend to her horrified prison penpal . . .

My Thoughts

Honeymoons Can Be Hazardous by Amanda Flower is a fun cozy mystery.  I laughed often while reading the fourth An Amish Matchmaker Mystery.  Millie and Lois have a new case.  Gerome Moorhead, Lois’ most recent ex-husband, is in Harvest, Ohio on his honeymoon to the newest Mrs. Moorhead (aka Honeybee).  When Honeybee gets clocked by an oversized cuckoo, Lois rises to the top of the suspect list.  Millie aka the Amish Marple is on the case.  Of course, Lois is not about to be left behind.  Can the duo uncover the killer before Lois gets carted off to the hoosegow?  

Honeymoons Can Be Hazardous is a delight to read.  I like Amanda Flower’s writing style.  It is relaxed and engaging.  I quickly found myself drawn into the story. I was quickly flipping the pages to find out what happened next.  I love a book that makes me laugh.  There are great characters in this series. They are fun and quirky.  Millie has her goats who seem to understand her.  She has added a cat to the household.  Lois is a hoot.  She is the opposite of Millie.  Lois likes busy patterns and loud colors.  She carries a purse that reminds me of Mary Poppins satchel.  You never know what Lois will pull out of her purse (there is at least one rubber mallet in there—you never know when you are going to need one--and let us not forget the staple gun).   Margot Rawlings is the village’s community organizer.  This is one woman that you wish to avoid, or you will find yourself “volunteered” to help with an event.  Let us not forget Juliet Brook, the pastor’s wife, and her pet pig, Jethro.  Juliet plans to make Jethro a Hollywood star.  

The whodunit was entertaining.  Lois and Millie manage to get into a scrape or two (thanks to Lois).  Millie asks questions and searches for clues.  I like how the whodunit involved both the Amish and the English communities.  The mystery delved into an issue that is prevalent in our country.  No sect is immune as we see in this story.  My only complaint is that the mystery was easy to solve.  I easily picked out the guilty party early in the story.  The antics of Millie’s goats had me laughing out loud.   The author gave the goats great personalities.  Honeymoons Can Be Hazardous can be read as a standalone, but you are missing out by not reading all the books in this delightful series. There is a preview of Blueberry Blunder at the end which is the eighth An Amish Candy Shop Mystery.  Honeymoons Can Be Hazardous is a witty whodunit with a polka dotted pig, a clobbered bride, a bulging bag, rampageous goats, a caring community, and the Amish Marple.   

Honeymoons Can Be Hazardous is available from Amazon*.  The other books in An Amish Matchmaker Mysteries can be found hereBlueberry Blunder is the eighth An Amish Candy Shop Mystery and it comes out May 23, 2023.  I wonder what mystery Bailey King will find herself involved in this time.  You can find Amanda Flower's other books here.  Thank you for joining me today.  I hope that you had a happy holiday and received plenty of books or gifts cards to get books (always on my Christmas list).  I am off to straighten up my storage area.  I need to make room for the inflatables I used for my holiday display.  This is the not fun part.  I hope you have a very Happy New Year.  I will return on January 3 with Something Old, Something New by Amy Clipston.  Take care and Happy Reading!


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