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Killer Cupid by Laurien Berenson

 Killer Cupid

Book Summary

Melanie Travis is taking a much-needed break from the dog show circuit for a romantic Valentine’s trip with her husband Sam, but when someone at their cozy Berkshires inn has an unexpected date with death, Melanie must slip into something sleuthier for the weekend . . .
Melanie is delighted at the prospect of three uninterrupted days alone with Sam (and, of course, her prize-winning Standard Poodle, Faith). They’re booked at the White Birch Inn, a picturesque New England resort nestled at the foot of a snow-covered mountain. The inn has a full slate of couples activities planned for the busy Valentine's weekend—date nights, sleigh rides, tobogganing, ice skating, and pop-up shops in the inn's ballroom —from the bubbly to the bubble bath, the resort is a perfect match for Melanie and Sam’s vacation. But the first night of festivities feature an event that isn’t on the program: murder.
The sheriff quickly launches an investigation, but at the inn keeper’s urging—and because she suddenly finds herself a person of interest in the case—Melanie tries to sneak a little detective work into her romantic getaway. But with the resort nearly sold out for the holiday weekend, there's no shortage of suspects, and Melanie’s secret sleuthing is already attracting the wrong kind of attention. Her Valentine’s trip is heating up faster than the chocolate fondue . . . just not in the way Melanie hoped. But if she doesn’t catch the cold-hearted killer soon, another innocent victim will get the kiss of death . . .
My Thoughts

Killer Cupid by Laurien Berenson has Melanie Travis and her husband, Sam along with Faith heading off for a relaxing, romantic trip for Valentine’s Day weekend.  Melanie’s brother, Frank and his wife, Bertie are joining them at the White Birch Inn in the Berkshires.  The couples are enjoying their mini vacay until the events coordinator ends up dead.  The local police are quick to write off the woman’s death as accidental.  Melanie has her doubts.  When the inn’s owner, Evelyn Barker asks Melanie to investigate, she is happy to oblige.  Melanie with assistance from Bertie and Faith sets out to locate the killer.

Killer Cupid   is the twenty-ninth A Melanie Travis Mystery.  It is a novella which can be read in one sitting.  I enjoyed reading Killer Cupid.  I was eager to see what mischief Melanie got into this time. We get to spend time with Melanie’s brother, Frank and his wife.  They go on the trip with Melanie and Sam along with Melanie’s beloved Standard poodle, Fern.  Fern’s age is mentioned a few times.  I hope the author is not preparing us for her departure.  I enjoyed the descriptions of the White Birch Inn and its surroundings.  It seemed like the perfect place to spend a romantic weekend.  The mystery was intriguing.  The events coordinator for the White Birch Inn is found dead by the ice-skating pond.  It appears that she died from exposure.  I had to wonder how a woman who is used to the frigid winter weather is not aware of the dangers of being outside too long.  What was Belinda Rush doing outside late at night?  Melanie is naturally curious about the case.  When the owner of the inn asks her to investigate, Melanie does not hesitate to say yes.  Melanie questions the staff and guests about the victim.  I like that Bertie joined Melanie on her sleuthing ventures.  Melanie is a bad influence.  Faith tagged along on some of the ventures.  The sweet poodle is a good judge of character.  I enjoyed the suspenseful reveal.  Aunt Peg, Davey, and Kevin provide humor, especially the rambunctious Kevin.  I like that we get to spend more time with Sam in this tale.  Killer Cupid is an entertaining cozy mystery, and I am eager for the next A Melanie Travis MysteryKiller Cupid is a merry mystery with a Valentine vacay, a faithful Faith, a deceased employee, sticky smores, spiked cider, and mistrustful Melanie. 

Killer Cupid is available from Amazon*.  A Furry Little Christmas is the next A Melanie Travis Mystery and it will be out on September 26, 2023.  You can follow Laurien Berenson on Amazon and you will receive an email when she has a new book coming out.  Thank you for stopping by today.  I will return on Tuesday with Something Old, Something New by Amy Clipston.  I hope that you have a relaxing week.  Take care and Happy Reading!


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