Thursday, March 30, 2023

Barbara's Amish Truth Exposed by Tracy Fredrychowski

 Barbara's Amish Truth Exposed

Book Summary

Will this shame-filled believer ever allow God to heal her broken heart? Or will she carry the burden of her lie alone, permitting history to repeat itself?

Barbara Wagler is filled with shame over dishonoring her husband’s memory. While the young Amish woman is devastated after her husband of five years dies in a farming accident, she is left to raise their sons alone. When her first love, Joseph Wagler, returns to Willow Springs, can they bury the past, or will widower Roy Mullet from Sugarcreek stir up trouble in Barbara and her sister Susan’s life?

Still struggling to allow herself happiness, Barbara sets out on a journey to reveal the truth of her mistakes. But her honesty leads her to question God’s ultimate promises and her father’s sordid past.

Can this woman continue to lie to herself, or will she find the courage to boldly go to God and allow him to lead her on a path of deliverance?

My Thoughts

Barbara’s Amish Truth Exposed by Tracy Fredrychowski is a touching Amish tale.  There are a variety of characters in the story.  I liked some of them and others I did not (which was the point).  I felt for Barbara and her sister, Susan.  Neither one had a pleasant childhood.  Their father is a controlling, mean spirited man who did his best to make his family members lives miserable.  I thought the characters were realistic and developed.  As the story progressed, secrets and deceits are revealed.  I was able to anticipate a couple of them, but others were unexpected.  In this story, we can see how sin and deception can invade any family and community.  We get to see how the characters deal with their past hurts.  With love, understanding, forgiveness, and faith, a person can move forward to have a fulfilling life.  Barbara’s Amish Truth Exposed is the fourth novel in The Women of Lawrence County series.  Each book can be read as a standalone, but I have enjoyed reading each book in this heartfelt series.  Faith and forgiveness are at the forefront of the story.  I appreciated the scripture references.  Barbara’s Amish Truth Exposed is an expressive tale with a worried widow, a lost love, a selling savvy sister, distressing reminisces, shameful secrets, and finding forgiveness. 

Barbara's Amish Truth Exposed is available from Amazon*.  If you belong to Kindle Unlimited, you can read it for free.  The other novels in The Amish Women of Lawrence County series are Emma's Amish Faith Tested, Rebecca's Amish Heart Restored, and Anna's Amish Fears Revealed.  All three books are available through Kindle Unlimited.  You can find Tracy Fredrychowski's other novels here.  Thank you for joining me today.  I will return on April 4 with Digging Up Daisy by Sherry Lynn.  It is the first A Mainely Murder Mystery.  I hope you enjoy the last of March and I hope you avoid any April Fool's Day pranks (my least favorite day of the year).  Take care and Happy Reading!


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