Tuesday, March 28, 2023

Ladybug Landing by Mindy Steele

 Ladybug Landing
About the Book

Nelly Raber placed an ad in The Budget, hoping to help the widows and fatherless children of Miller's Creek. That was two years ago, and she has yet to live down the impulsive act that has become a yoke around her neck.

Lee Milford has worked hard for the future he has planned, but suddenly everything has gone wrong. Turning to a friend who seems to be having more trouble to him, Levi soon realizes why it's always best to put our futures in God's hands.

As summer looms to an end, one heart will be put to the test, while another might find her best match yet.

My Thoughts

Ladybug Landing by Mindy Steele takes us back to Miller’s Creek.  I enjoyed getting to know Nelly Raber and Levi Milford.  I felt bad for Nelly.  She has the best of intentions.  Unfortunately, Nelly’s kind acts usually end with her in hot water.  Nelly has an overbearing mother who is determined to marry her off.  Her parents do not understand her and are ashamed of her “antics”.  It is a good thing that Nelly has Levi for a friend.  I thought the story was well-written and engaging.  I was quickly drawn into the story.  Ladybug Landing is a touching story.  You will go through a range of emotions.  There are some moving, tender moments.  I enjoyed the humor as well (I love a book that makes me laugh).  Hazel Miller and Hank Fisher are amusing.  It seems the matchmaker needs a little nudge.  Forgiveness is one of the main themes as well as doing what will make you happy.  I love the ladybugs.  They appeared at all the right moments.  Nelly seemed to be a ladybug whisperer.  Ladybug Landing is the fourth novel in the Miller’s Creek Series.  It can be read as a standalone, but I recommend reading all the books in this inspiring series. My favorite phrase from Ladybug Landing is, “We are given this one life, and I can say with wisdom that it is better with someone who completes you than alone.”  Ladybug Landing is a story that will touch your heart.  

Ladybug Landing is available from Amazon*.  The other novels in the Millers Creek series are To Catch a Hummingbird, Butterfly Box, and Cicada Season.  You can follow Mindy Steele on Amazon and you will receive an email when she has a new book release.  Here are a few of the other books that were released today:  A Flicker of Doubt by Daryl Wood Gerber, One More Time for Joy by Amy Lillard, Once Upon a Buggy by Shelley Shepard Gray, Her Amish Country Valentine by Patricia Johns, and A Brighter Dawn by Leslie Gould.  Thank you for joining me today.  Tomorrow I am featuring One More Time for Joy by Amy Lillard.  It is the third novel in the Paradise Valley series.  I hope that you have an uplifting day.  Take care and Happy Reading!


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