Tuesday, December 13, 2016

More Than a Promise: A Quilting Circle Novella

How is everyone doing this Tuesday?  I hope all of you are well and warm.  I understand it is cold in the northern states.  I have not seen snow since I was eleven years old (that's when we moved to Florida).  Do any of you make snow cream (ice cream made from snow)?  My father would make it for us from freshly fallen snow. It is delicious.  

More Than a Promise by Amy Lillard is a short novella that is a part of The Quilting Circle series (also ties in with the Wells Landing Romance series).  We return to Wells Landing, Oklahoma and the Amish community that resides there.  Marianne Miller has just lost her husband, Leroy.  They had been married for fifteen years.  Actually, Marianne lost Leroy months ago when his nature changed from the man she married and loved.  Leroy had a brain tumor that caused vicissitudes to his personality.  Marianne is worried how she is going to support herself especially since she has discovered she is pregnant.  Rueben Weisel was Leroy’s best friend and business partner.  He has been there for Marianne during this difficult time.  When Marianne’s doctor orders bed rest, Rueben stops by every day to visit her.  Marianne dislikes being stuck in bed and appreciates his company.  She also begins to care for him as more than a friend.  Then Rueben proposes to Marianne.  She accepts and knows that people in the community will not approve because she is still in her mourning period.  But then Marianne finds a letter to Rueben from Leroy asking him to take care of Marianne.  Now Marianne does not know if Rueben is marrying her out of love or obligation?

More Than a Promise is a quick and easy novella to read.  It is well-written and has a good pace.  It is nice to revisit Wells Landing and the quilting circle ladies.  I give More Than a Promise 4 out of 5 stars (I liked it).  More Than a Promise has an unsurprising ending, but it was romantic and sweet (it will make you smile).  I found More Than a Promise a heartwarming and wholesome book (no sex, bad language, drugs, or violence).  More Than a Promise can be read alone, but I do recommend that you read More Than Friendship (and the novels in the Wells Landing Romance series).  There is a preview of Titus Returns at the end of the book (which comes out at the end of December).  The next book in The Quilting Circle series is More Than a Marriage which will be released on February 28, 2017.  Just Plain Sadie, Courting Emily, Caroline's Secret, Lorie's Heart, and Marrying Jonah are books in the Wells Landing Romance series (tie in with The Quilting Circle series).  I recommend reading Pattern of Betrayal by Mae Fox and Amy Lillard.  It is different from her Amish novels (I really enjoyed it).  

Thank you for visiting.  I am currently reading Michelangelo's Ghost by Gigi Pandian.  I have not been able to fit it into my schedule until today. May all of you have an enjoyable evening.  I will return tomorrow with another scintillating review (in my humble opinion).  Take care and Happy Reading!

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