Sunday, March 11, 2018

Cold Blooded Brew: A Killer Coffee Mystery

Welcome!  Shipyard Girls in Love by Nancy Revell will be available on March 22.  It is the third novel in The Shipyard Girls Series.  I cannot wait to read the latest installment in this historical series.

Cold Blooded Brew by Tonya Kappes is the fourth A Killer Coffee Mystery.  Roxanne “Roxy” Bloom owns the Bean Hive in Honey Springs, Kentucky.  Pam Horton is getting married to Truman Phillips and she is feeling overwhelmed courtesy of her best friend, Hillary Canter.  Hillary is bamboozling Pam into making changes to the wedding which is causing more work for event coordinator, Babette Cliff.  Pam, after a pep talk from Roxy, stands up to Hillary which causes her to lash out.  The next morning, Roxy arrives at work and finds a female in a white coat seated in front of the Bean Hive.  Roxy quickly discovers the woman is dead and not who she thought.  Sheriff Spencer Shepard is on the case, but the victim antagonized numerous people which leaves a plethora of suspects.  When Babette ends up at the top of the suspect list, she enlists Roxy’s help in clearing her name.  With the Bean Hive the central hub for gossip, you never know what key piece of information Roxy will overhear.   Can Roxy ferret out the killer?  Come back to Honey Springs for a cup of coffee, a delectable treat, gossip and a murder investigation in Cold Blooded Brew.

Cold Blooded Brew is best read after enjoying the other three novels in A Killer Coffee Mystery seriesTonya Kappes has a conversational writing style that draws the reader into the story.  Cold Blooded Brew has a steady pace and light Southern humor.  Honey Springs is a charming small Southern town with quirky characters who love to gossip.  There are actually two mysteries (subplot regarding mortgage loan company) in Cold Blooded Brew.  I like how the author tied them together.  There are plenty of suspects and good clues to aid readers in solving the case.  All the storylines are wrapped up in the end with a lovely feel-good ending.  Cold Blooded Brew is a light-hearted cozy mystery that will entertain readers with its multi-faceted mystery, romance and humor. Cold Blooded Brew is available on Kindle Unlimited.  The other books in A Killer Coffee Mystery series are Scene of the Grind, Mocha and Murder, and Freshly Ground Murder.

Thank you for taking time out today to visit.  I will return on Monday with my review of Six Feet Under by Tonya Kappes which will be published on March 13.  May you have a very special Sunday.  Take care and Happy Reading!

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