Thursday, March 22, 2018

Shipyard Girls in Love: The Shipyard Girls Series

Welcome!  The Summer of New Beginnings by Bette Lee Crosby will be published on March 27 along with Natural Thorn Killer by Katie Dyer-Seeley (first book in A Rose City Mystery series).  

Shipyard Girls in Love by Nancy Revell is the fourth book in The Shipyard Girls Series and it is out today! We return to Sunderland, England in 1941 where Gloria, Rosie, Hannah, Martha, Angie, Dorothy, and Polly work at J.L. Thompson & Sons Shipyard.  All the ladies except Hannah work as welders which before the war was a male only occupation.  It is a beautiful Saturday in November, and Gloria Armstrong is having her daughter, Hope christened.  Gloria is shocked when Jack Crawford arrives at the church with Arthur for the christening. Jack is suffering from retrograde amnesia.  Gloria is filled with hope that Jack’s memory might be returning.  It will not be easy, though, for these star-crossed lovers.  Jack’s wife, Miriam is not about to let herself be humiliated with Jack leaving her for someone like Gloria.  Then there is the matter of Vinnie Armstrong, Gloria’s violent husband.  Gloria’s divorce is progressing, but it is not final.  Vinnie has yet to see Hope and does not know that she is not his biological daughter.  If Vinnie discovers the truth, there is no telling what he will do to Gloria.  Rosie is head over heels in love with DS Peter Miller, but her business venture goes against his beliefs and the law.  Lily, Rosie’s business partner, wants Rosie to be happy, but she also does not wish to go to jail.  Every person has a secret or two that they hope will never be uncovered.  What happens when those secrets are brought into the light.   Rejoin the ladies in Sunderland to see how they are faring in Shipyard Girls in Love.

I thought Shipyard Girls in Love to be well-written and have a gentle pace that suits the story.  The books in The Shipyard Girls Series are best read in order.  Each book builds upon the previous one.  I just love the characters in this series.  They are such a diverse group of women.  With the men off fighting the war, these women have been hired to do a labor-intensive job.  They are welders (except Hannah) who work long, backbreaking hours working to build ships to aid the war.  The co-workers became friends and now they are a family.  These women will do anything for each other.  While Shipyard Girls in Love focuses on Rosie and Gloria, we still get to catch up with the other ladies and their families (Bel and Joe, Maisie, Lily and George, Arthur, Tommy).  The book takes place from November 1941 through the beginning of January 1942.  The United States enters the war after Pearl Harbor is attacked.  The story touches on what is happening to Hannah’s parents who are Jews still in German occupied Czechoslovakia.  Kate opens Maison Nouvelle, but then someone from her past pays a visit.  Shipyard Girls in Love will take you through the gamut of emotions as you progress through the book.  I cannot wait to find out what happens next in Victory for the Shipyard Girls (September 6).  My mother just started reading the series (she heard me talking about it) and is quickly devouring them.  Those readers who enjoy historical novels with strong female characters will be delighted with this series.

The other books in The Shipyard Girls Series are The Shipyard Girls, Shipyard Girls at War, and The Secrets of the Shipyard Girls.  Thank you for reading my review.  I will be back on Friday with my thoughts on In Places Hidden by Tracie Peterson.  Stay warm and Happy Reading!

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