Thursday, April 19, 2018

A Charming Corpse: A Magical Cures Mystery

A Charming Corpse by Tonya Kappes is the eleventh book in A Magical Cures Mystery series.  June Heal lives in Whispering Falls, Kentucky where she owns The Charming Cure.  Business has been off lately, and June discovers why courtesy of a flyer.  A mortal, Gabby Summerfield, is selling Life Choice Homeopathic products out of Leah LeRoy’s Crazy Craft Chicks.  June decides to check out her competitor and discovers that the “cures” smell nice, but they are not going to have the effect of June’s magical potions.  The next morning, Gabby is found dead outside Crazy Craft Chicks.  When Leah is arrested for Gabby’s murder, she needs June’s help in clearing her name.  Someone is setting up Leah for the crime, and June needs to work quickly before the Order of Elders descend on the town.  While June is busy deciphering the clues to uncover the evildoer, she must also think about a job that has come to her attention.  June’s Great Aunt Helena, who teaches at A Spiritualist University, told June about an opening at the university to teach potions, potion building and intuition.  It is a perfect fit for June, but it would mean being away from her husband and shop (I think she should commute via the nearby portal).  What choice will June make?  Can June find Gabby’s killer?  Come back to Whispering Falls for another magical adventure in A Charming Corpse.

A Charming Corpse is an enchanting tale.  I like Tonya Kappes writing style (friendly is the best word to describe it) because it makes for an easy to read story.  Her writing has an ease to it.  The book has a steady pace and entertaining characters.  One sweetie is Mr. Prince Charming, June’s fairy-god cat, who is one smart feline and protective of his charge.  Madame Torres who dishes out premonitions from June’s crystal ball is unique.  I thought the characters were well established and quirky which suits this series.  The author provides great descriptions of the characters, shops, and town that allow the reader to visualize them.  I especially love the descriptions of June’s potion bottles and the ornamental gates for each shop (the gate for Crazy Craft Chicks is gorgeous).  It is interesting how each witch has a unique gift.  I can tell that Ms. Kappes has a wonderful imagination which puts to good use in writing this series.  There are good clues to aid readers in solving the murder, and I appreciated that there was an active investigation.  I felt that A Charming Corpse could be read alone.  I have not read many books in the series (I am looking forward to reading them when I have an opportunity), and I did not have a problem.  The author provides June’s background (how she came to the village, met her husband, her magical gifts) and details on the town.  When you finish reading A Charming Corpse, you will have a smile on your face (I just love books like that).  The first book in A Magical Cures Mystery series is A Charming Crime which is currently free (Kindle version) on Amazon.  The whole series is available under the Kindle Unlimited program (which you can check out free for 30 days).

Thank you for stopping by today.  I will be featuring What to Expect When Your Demon Slayer is Expecting by Angie Fox on April 20.  It is the latest novel in the Biker Witches Mystery series.  May you have a day filled with sunshine.  Happy Reading!

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