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A Mother's Gift: An Amish Novel by Charlotte Hubbard

Happy Easter!  I hope all of you are having a beautiful weekend.  The War Nurses by Lizzie Page will be available on April 17 along with Murder at the Mushroom Festival by Janet FinsilverSeashells, Spells and Caramels by Erin Johnson is free today on Amazon.  It is the first book in the Spells and Caramels series and it is a magical and humorous story.  Full Moons, Dunes and Macaroons is the fifth book in the Spells and Caramels series and will be out on April 3.

A Mother’s Gift is the latest novel by Charlotte Hubbard.  Leah Otto is marrying Jude Shetler, but her mother is worried that Leah has not thought it through completely.  Jude has twin daughters who are sixteen and enjoying their rumspringa along with a five-year-old son who misses his mother.  Leah has always preferred working with animals to taking care of a home and feels that Jude is the right man for her.  There is the added benefit of Jude’s mother, Margaret who takes care of the household.  Jeremiah, Jude’s older brother, has his doubts about the match as well and wishes Jude would delay the wedding.  Jude and Leah have no reservations and proceed with their wedding.  Three months pass, and Leah is miserable.  Margaret moved out after the wedding, the twins are making life difficult for Leah, Stevie is still not talking to Leah, and Jude has not been supportive.  Something needs to change if their marriage is to survive.  Then a baby named Betsy is left on their porch with a note asking that they give the baby a loving home.  Leah has no clue on how to care for a baby and is thankful when Lenore, Leah’s mother, comes to assist her.  After a long-needed talk, Jude alters his behavior and begins reigning in the twins.  This is just the beginning for Leah and Jude.  With communication, faith, and love they can have a happy, rich life together that is full of unexpected blessings.  Come along for the journey in A Mother’s Gift.

I found A Mother’s Gift to be well-written in a nice, conversational writing style.  There are a variety of characters in the story with different personalities.  They are realistic in their attitudes and behaviors.  A blended marriage is challenging for all parties and it takes time for people to adjust (come together as a family).  There are good life lessons in the story and we can see that the Amish have the same problems/struggles as Englischers.  It is important not to judge others, the harm that gossip can cause to people, forgiveness of oneself and others, God is in control, the power of prayer and the importance of having a strong faith in God.  God had a plan when he brought Leah and Jude together. My rating for A Mother’s Gift is 4 out of 5 stars.  I do wish the characters had been introduced into the story differently (in the beginning).  A Mother’s Gift is such a lovely, heartwarming story that will take readers on an emotional journey.  

If you enjoy A Mother's Gift, I suggest reading A Mother's Love.  I hope you have a day filled with sweet treats.  I will be back tomorrow with my review of Tart of Darkness by Denise Swanson.  Take care and Happy Reading!

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