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Lover Come Hack by Diane Vallere

Good Day!  An Orphan's Wish by Molly Green comes out on November 29.  New Arrivals at Mulberry Lane by Rosie Clarke releases on December 4 along with The Secret by Jennifer Wells.  A variety of books for those who love historical fiction.  

Lover Come Hack by Diane Vallere is the sixth novel in A Madison Night Mystery series (also called A Mad for Mod Mystery series).  Madison Night has teamed up with Jane Strong for the Very Important Projects competition sponsored by the Design in Dallas Initiative.  On the last day for entries, Madison is shocked when she receives an email from Jane canceling their partnership.  Madison rushes to the Republic Tower where DIDI has their offices to talk to Jane, but Jane is adamant about entering on her own.  Jane hunkers down in the building’s coffee shop to create a new entry before the deadline in five hours.  After turning in her submission, Madison discovers Jane sick in the ladies’ room.  She rushes to get assistance and returns to find blood on the floor.  Jane dies from blunt force trauma and Madison finds herself at the top of the suspect list.  Later that day after opening an email, Madison finds her computer hacked and must turn to Donna Nast for assistance.  It seems that Madison is not the only person hacked recently and they all link back to one person.  Madison must track down the killer before she ends up wearing an orange jumpsuit for twenty-five to life (I have a feeling they do not have one from the 50s).
A Madison Night Mystery (3 Book Series) by  Diane Vallere
Lover Come Hack is an entertaining cozy mystery.  While Lover Come Hack is the sixth A Madison Night Mystery, it can be read alone.  Madison’s history is included in the story and I like that she is a mature main character.  Madison is mad for mid-century modern design and has based her design business around this aesthetic (along with her wardrobe).  While her professional life is doing well, Madison’s love life is in turmoil.  The six months of alone time she had requested from her two beaus is about to end, and she needs to make a decision.  Tex Allen has been patient, and after six months, he is ready for Madison to make a decision (I can understand his viewpoint).  There is a small dustup between the pair that I felt was inappropriate.  Madison acted like an irrational person instead of a mature woman (lack of communication).  I could have done without this nonsense (I do not want to spoil it for you), but I was happy that Madison made the right choice in the end.  The mystery was complex with misdirection and twists.    We follow Madison on her investigation as she talks to various suspects and investigates the hacking. Donna Nast returns in Lover Come Hack and plays a pivotal role.  The computer virus and hacking made the mystery relevant to today’s society where this is an ever present problem (unfortunately).   I actually liked the first person narrative (I have never said this about a book).  Madison has a unique voice and it comes through in this series.  We experience life through Madison’s eyes and some of her comments are amusing.  I love the descriptions of the vintage clothes and furniture.  I am giving Lover Come Hack 4 out of 5 stars (I liked it).  I wonder what trouble Madison Night will get into next time.

Thank you for stopping by today.  I will be featuring The Whispered Word by Ellery Adams on Tuesday, November 27.  It is the second novel in A Secret, Book and Scone Society series.  May you have a pleasant day.  Take care of yourself and Happy Reading!

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