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Mrs. Morris and the Ghost by Traci Wilton

Mrs. Morris and the Ghost (A Salem B&B Mystery #1)
Julie Svendsen painting depicting what Phantom Manor would have looked like before it fell into ruin.
Mrs. Morris and the Ghost by Traci Wilton is the first novel in A Salem B&B Mystery series.  Charlene Morris is a widow who is moving from Chicago to Salem, Massachusetts for a fresh start.  She purchased an 8,000 square foot mansion, sight unseen, and plans to open Charlene’s Bed and Breakfast by Halloween.  After getting the furniture moved in and enjoying a meal at a local Italian restaurant, Charlene drifts off to sleep.  She awakens in the middle of a stormy night to find an elegantly attired man in her bedroom.  Dr. Jack Strathmore IV introduces himself and asks for Charlene’s assistance in proving he was murdered three years ago.  Charlene is the first person that can see Jack and he cannot move on until this is resolved.  If Charlene wants to get her new bed and breakfast ready for occupancy in a month and not have her new guests scared away by Jack, she will need to investigate.  It is one way to get to know Salem and its residents!
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Mrs. Morris and the Ghost is an enjoyable new cozy mystery.  Charlene Morris lost the love of her life eighteen months ago and every where she goes in Chicago there are reminders.  She has purchased a massive mansion in Salem, based on pictures sent to her by the realtor, where she plans on opening a bed and breakfast.  She wants it to be an elegant establishment.  Having a resident ghost was not the plans even if he is handsome and charming.  Dr. Jack Strathmore IV is convinced he was murdered three years ago and believes it is the reason for why he is unable to move on to the great beyond.  Charlene is the first person who can see Jack and he needs her help.  I like Traci Wilton’s conversational writing style.   It is engaging and made this new cozy mystery easy to read. Charlene is a strong protagonist who is ready to move forward with her life away from her meddlesome mother.  I found Charlene’s first reaction to Jack to be realistic and humorous.  Jack is a great character.  He has charm, wit, twinkling blue eyes and is a snappy dresser.  Charlene sets out to discover who harmed Jack by talking with his wife, old friends, Detective Sam Holden, and the coroner.  Charlene has all the subtly of a bulldozer.  She is direct and pushy which leads to some ticked off individuals (but it is just her first time investigating). This whodunit can be solved before the reveal courtesy of the less than subtle clues.  Charlene has a couple of men interested in her including Sam Holden.  I would like less romance in future books (lots of flirting) and a more action packed mystery.  I thought the story lagged during the middle and could have benefited from a peppier pace.  The ending was a delight and left me smiling.  A Persian named Silva joins Charlene in her new home.  The cat’s antics had me giggling and I thought Traci Wilton captured a cat’s demeanor perfectly.  I enjoyed the descriptions of Charlene’s beautiful new home, the furniture and the sights of Salem.  The author took the time to establish the main characters and setting the stage for the series (wonderful world building).  The first chapter of Mrs. Morris and the Witch is at the end of the book.  Mrs. Morris and the Ghost has a magnificent mansion, a pretty Persian, flirtatious fellows, a gallant ghost, and a reluctant gumshoe.
Salem Witch Museum; Salem, Massachusetts..... I love Salem. Went there when I was around 14, it was amazing.  You can feel the history in the air! Can't wait to go back.
Mrs. Morris and the Ghost is available on Amazon today.  Mrs. Morris and the Witch comes out April 28, 2020. Thank you for stopping by today.  I am featuring A Whisker in the Dark by Leighann Dobbs tomorrow.  It is the second novel in The Oyster Cove Guesthouse series.  May you have a sunny day (we are experiencing an abnormal amount of rain lately in my area).  Take care and Happy Reading!

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