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Yours Truly, Thomas by Rachel Fordham

Yours Truly, Thomas
Just as today, when mailing addresses were found to be illegible, the packages and letters were sent to the dead letter department. While more machines are involved nowadays, back in 1917, the department had to rely on the ability of employees to decipher the addresses.
That's a lot of mail
Yours Truly, Thomas is a charming new historical novel by Rachel Fordham.  Penny Ercanbeck has always been fascinated by love letters and dreams of having a love of her own write to her one day.  She has been working for the last three years in the Dead Letter Office of the United States Post Office in Washington, D.C.  One day she opens a letter from Thomas to Clara and it touches her heart.  Unfortunately, she is unable to forward to the letter.  When more letters arrive for Clara, Penny feels compelled to help Thomas.  Thomas was on his way west when his wagon overturned leaving him in Azure Springs, Iowa.  After what happened, Thomas’s guilt had him fleeing town.  He meant his stop in Azure Springs to be temporary, but the town full of friendly residents and quiet seems to be what he needs.  While holed up in his boarding house room, he begins writing letters to help him deal with his feelings.  The last thing Thomas expected was a reply.  Penny decides to take a leap and go to Azure Springs.  She feels she knows Thomas and wants to help him.  But life is never that simple.
 love the pkgs wrapped with paper and tied with string :)
I enjoyed going back to Azure Springs in Yours Truly, Thomas.  The residents of the town are welcoming to newcomers.  It is like visiting old friends.  Penny Ercanbeck works in the Dead Letter Office where they try to get letters to their intended destinations.  She is particularly taken with love letters and dreams of having a man write to her one day.  When Thomas’s letters to Clara come across her desk, they touch her heart.  She feels like she knows Thomas and wants to help him.  Penny ends up traveling to Azure Springs where she takes up residence in Margaret Anders yellow boarding house.  What follows is a sweet story that will touch your heart.  I thought Yours Truly, Thomas was well-written, and it progressed at a gentle pace.  I enjoyed the letters that were interspersed throughout.  Lettering writing is a lost art today which is such a shame.  I remember looking forward to getting correspondence when I was younger (pen pals).  Penny’s dog, Honeysuckle (aka Honey) is a sweetie who provides comfort to Penny as well as a listening ear.  Honey’s antics in Azure Springs had me chuckling (and happy my dogs do not like mud).  Penny’s first encounter with Thomas as well as her second provided plenty of giggles.  I always enjoy a book that brings out a variety of emotions as did Yours Truly, Thomas.  I like how Thomas’s backstory was slowly revealed.  As I got to know him, I understood why God led him to Azure Springs and why Penny was sent to aid him.  Friendship, understanding, love, forgiveness, grief, family drama, heartache and humor in  one thoughtful, heartfelt story called Yours Truly, Thomas. 
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The Hope of Azure Springs is the previous Azure Springs novel (They are standalone novels).  Thank you for dropping by today.  Tomorrow I plan on sharing my review of A Charming Misfortune by Tonya Kappes.  It is the twelfth A Magical Cures Mystery.  May you have a kindly day. Take care and Happy Reading!

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