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On the Take in Waikiki by Terry Ambrose

On the Take in Waikiki

Book Summary

On the Take in Waikiki by Terry Ambrose has Wilson McKenna looking forward to his upcoming wedding to Benni Kapono.  The last thing McKenna wants to get involved in is a case.  Unfortunately, fate has other plans for him.  Benni has McKenna attend a lecture with her given by Sue Ito where McKenna made the mistake of drifting off (the first of several bad moves on his part).  After the talk, McKenna learns that Sue is worried about her father, Kenji Ito who seems to have disappeared.  A reluctant McKenna along with an eager Chance Logan begin making inquiries the next day at Kinohi Village which is Kenji’s pet project.   Kinohi Village will provide housing for families who do not have homes plus help them find jobs, provide daycare, and give them a community.  During McKenna and Chance’s queries, the begin to hear that Kenji may not have been the upstanding businessman they thought.  There are rumors of shoddy workmanship, payoffs, underhanded dealings, and a ruthless demeaner.  When Kenji is found murdered, McKenna worries that he and Chance may be in over their heads on this investigation.  When not investigating or working on wedding plans, McKenna is trying to lease a vacant apartment.  He cannot believe some of the candidates, and McKenna wonders if he will ever find a decent tenant.  Will McKenna get his happily ever after with Benni?

My Thoughts

On the Take in Waikiki by Terry Ambrose is the tenth novel in the Trouble in Paradise series.  I thought On the Take in Waikiki was well-written with developed characters.  Wilson McKenna is a unique character.  I find him to be realistic with his attitude and demeanor.  The former skip tracer manages the apartment building where he lives with his beautiful fiancĂ©, Benni Kapono.  They are getting married in one week and McKenna is trying to keep a special secret from Benni.  McKenna finds himself roped into investigating a missing businessman with Chance Logan.  The mystery was intriguing. The author upped his game with this whodunit.  It was a complex mystery with unexpected twists and a good reveal.  I enjoyed following McKenna and Chance on their investigation.  I could not wait to see if I had pegged the killer or not (I had doubts which is unusual for me).  There is humor sprinkled throughout the story as McKenna tries to find a new tenant for the vacant apartment.  Some of the applicants were doozies.  I could not wait for the wedding between Benni and McKenna.  Benni is a special woman (she must be to put up with McKenna) who complements McKenna.  While On the Take in Waikiki could be read on its own, I recommend reading the series in order or at least Photo Finish for background information on Wilson McKenna.  You would be confused in the beginning of the book until the needed details on McKenna are provided. I enjoyed reading On the Take in Waikiki especially the heartwarming ending.  On the Take in Waikiki is a stimulating cozy mystery with mayhem, murder, and matrimony with McKenna in Waikiki.

On the Take in Waikiki is available from Amazon*.  You can find the other Trouble in Paradise novels here.  All the books in the series can be borrowed through Kindle Unlimited.  Check out Terry Ambrose's other novels here.  Thank you for stopping by today.  Tomorrow I am reviewing The Amish Midwife's Hope by Barbara Cameron.  It is the first book in A Hearts of Lancaster County series.   I hope that you have enriching day.  Take care, be kind, and Happy Reading!


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