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Piece by Piece by Laura Bradford

Piece by Piece by Laura Bradford

Book Summary

Piece by Piece by Laura Bradford has Danielle “Dani” Parker reluctantly taking some time for herself while her husband and mother take the children to the park.  Dani is engrossed in a book when the police arrive to inform her that there was a car accident and there were no survivors.  Dani is overwhelmed by grief and wishes that she had been in the car with the rest of her family.  She then gets a call from Lydia Schlabach whom Dani has known since she was eight years old.  Lydia invites Dani to stay in the Dawdi Haus on their property.  It will give her a chance to get away and recover.  Lydia makes sure that Dani is given privacy and the peace she needs.  Caleb Schlabach, Lydia’s brother, and childhood friend of Dani’s begins coming around to check on Dani.  He can see that she is drowning in her grief.  Caleb wants to help Dani and bring her back to the land of the living. Dani needs to discover that while God closed one door, He has opened another for her if she is willing to step through it.  

My Thoughts

Piece by Piece by Laura Bradford is a poignant tale that will touch your heart.  Piece by Piece has Dani Parker mourning the loss of her husband, children, and mother.  They were killed in a car accident while she was home getting some rare “me” time.  Dani is in a dark place when she gets a call from her longtime Amish friend, Lydia Schlabach.  Lydia invites Dani to stay in a cottage on their farm.  She assures Dani that she will have privacy along with peace and quiet.  Dani accepts her offer because it allows her to escape the everyday reminders of her family.  We get to experience what Dani is going through while grieving the loss of her whole family. The emotions leaped from the pages especially Dani’s anger.  I thought Piece by Piece was well-written with developed, realistic characters and situations.  Lydia is grieving the loss of a child, but she handles it in a different manner.  Laura Bradford did a wonderful job with this book.  It is about life, loss, and finding a way to heal and move forward.  We see how grief clouds our outlook and sometimes we need someone with a different perspective.  You never know what God has in store for you as we see in Piece by Piece.  There is grief, loss, love, faith, and hope in this moving novel.  I loved the epilogue that nicely wrapped up the story.  Little Nettie was a delight.  She added lightness to the story as well as humor.  Make sure to keep your tissues handy while reading this Amish tale.  Piece by Piece is a heartrending story with adorable animals, a charmer of a child, forever friends, an unpredicted present, and God’s grace.  

Piece by Piece is available from Amazon* along with other major booksellers.  Laura Bradford is the author of An Amish Mystery series and An Emergency Dessert Squad Mystery series.  You can find Laura Bradford's other books here.  Thank you for joining me today and reading my review.  I am still sorting through items in my house. I am digging into a spare closet today.  I have not been inside it in over five years and I did not realize it was packed.  I have become a packrat without realizing it.  I do not even know why I kept some of the items (boxes of magazines for example).  Tomorrow I am discussing The Sea Gate by Jane Johnson.  I hope that you have pleasant day.  Take care, be kind, and Happy Reading!


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