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The Noel Letters by Richard Paul Evans

The Noel Letters

Book Summary

The Noel Letters by Richard Paul Evans has Noel Post returning to Salt Lake City, Utah after being away for sixteen years.  She has been estranged from her father, Robert Book since she was a teenager.  He is dying of cancer and would like to see Noel before he passes.  Noel is hoping her stay in Salt Lake City will be brief since returning dredges up unhappy memories for her.  Noel is surprised when she learns that she inherited her father’s beloved bookstore, Bobbooks along with the rest of his estate.  Thanks to some sudden changes in her life, Noel decides to stay in town for a time and work at the bookstore.  Noel begins receiving handwritten letters with life lessons and guidance all signed by “Tabula Rose:.  After reuniting with her childhood friend and first boyfriend, Dylan, they begin dating.  It gives Noel a chance to get reacquainted with his adoptive parents.  As Noel works in the bookstore, she begins to learn more about her father, the reason people admired him, and why he loved the bookstore.  Old memories begin to surface regarding her mother and the night she died.  Noel wants to learn the truth, but is she truly prepared to hear it.  Noel is at a crossroads in her life.  She needs to decide what path she wishes to take. 

My Thoughts

The Noel Letters by Richard Paul Evans is 4th novel in The Noel Collection.  Each book in this series can be read on its own.  I have enjoyed Richard Paul Evans’ novels since I read The Christmas Box.  I thought The Noel Letters to be well-written with developed characters and steady pacing.  Noel Post is a woman who has let anger rule her life for too long.  Painful childhood memories have influenced her life and her decisions since she was a teenager.  After a sudden rash of losses, Noel has some downtime to reflect.  She begins receiving handwritten letters that offer guidance, thoughts, quotes, and reflections.  Noel can let these special missives help her or she can ignore them.  There were several times when I found myself wanting to shake Noel and tell her to open her eyes (and her heart).  There were some special characters in this story.  Grace, Wendy, and Dylan each had something to offer Noel if only she would let them.  I loved the descriptions of the bookstore.  It sounded like a special place that would attract bibliophiles.  I thought the store’s name, Bobbooks was disappointing and lackluster.  It needed something magical and that was not Noel’s choice.  I loved the quotes before each chapter about books and writing.  There were other quotes interspersed throughout the book.  There were some ones that I loved that I made sure to write down. The Noel letters is an emotional story that will tug on your heartstrings.  The Noel Letters is a special holiday tale about misunderstandings, second chances, love, grief, books, and forgiveness.  

The Noel Letters is available from Amazon* as well as other major booksellers.  The other novels in  The Noel Collection are The Noel Diary, The Noel Stranger, and Noel Street.  You can find Richard Paul Evans' other novels here.  The upper graphic that I included today is a picture of the Sugar House neighborhood where Noel grew up in the book. Thank you for dropping by today.   I am off to do more cleaning, sorting, and such.  I have barely made a dent in this house.   Merry Scary Victorian Christmas by Mollie Cox Bryan is planned for tomorrow.  It is the 3rd A Victoria Town Mystery Novella.  I hope that you have an uplifting day.  Take care, be kind, and Happy Reading!


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