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Crimes and Cover by Amanda Flower

 Crimes and Covers

Book Summary

Christmas is coming to the Western New York village of Cascade Springs, and so is the long-awaited wedding of Charming Books proprietor Violet Waverly and police chief David Rainwater. Grandma Daisy and Violet's best friend, Sadie, go all out to make the nuptials the event of the season--whether Violet likes it or not. But the reception becomes memorable for all the wrong reasons when a woman's dead body floats by on the frigid Niagara River.

Violet is shocked to recognize the deceased as a mysterious woman who visited Charming Books two days before the wedding, toting a rare first edition of Henry David Thoreau's Walden. Well aware that a mint condition copy could be worth more than $14,000, Violet told the woman she would have to have the book appraised before she could consider buying it. Most displeased, the woman tucked the precious tome under her arm and stormed out of the shop. Now she's dead, and an enigmatic message scrawled in pen upon her palm reads, "They stole my book."

It's a confounding case, indeed. But fortunately, Violet can draw on the resources of her bookshop's magical consciousness, which communicates clues to Violet via quotes from Walden. With Emerson the tuxedo cat and Faulkner the crow at her side, Violet sets out to recover the priceless book by solving a murder most transcendental.
My Thoughts

Christmas is almost upon them which means it is time for the wedding of bookshop owner, Violet Waverly, and police chief David Rainwater.  Grandma Daisy and Violet’s best friend, Sadie are organizing the event.  Violet now regrets letting go of the reigns when her small wedding has spiraled into an event for the whole village of Cascade Springs.  A woman comes into Charming Books looking to sell a rare first edition of Walden by Henry David Thoreau that is in mint condition.  Violet does not purchase since the woman will not let her have the book examined by an expert.  David and Violet are standing by the river after the wedding when David spots woman’s body.  Violet recognizes her as the woman who wished to sell the rare Walden.  Written on the victim’s hand is a message that her book was stolen.  With aid from the magical essence of the bookshop as well as Emerson, Violet’s cat, and Faulkner, the shop crow, Violet sets out to discover what happened to the mystery woman and her copy of Walden.  

Crimes and Covers by Amanda Flower is the 5th A Magical Bookshop Mystery.  I always love visiting Cascade Springs, New York with its delightful characters and the magical bookshop.  I thought Crimes and Covers was well-written with developed characters.  I just love Violet.  She is a friendly woman who knows her books.  She is the perfect caretaker for the store and its special tree.  Violet and David make a good couple.  I am glad that he is supportive of her investigations and appreciates her help.  David is still learning about the magic that inhabits the bookstore.  Faulkner and Emerson are adorable and humorous.  Violet will never win with this pair.  Grandma Daisy is a delight and I like how she welcomed David to the family Sadie, Violet’s best friend, is amusing with her unique outfits.  In each book A Magical Bookshop Mystery series, a different classic is featured.  This time it was Walden by Henry David Thoreau.  I enjoyed the references and how they tied into the crime.  I liked the whodunit, but the solution was obvious.  I identified the guilty party before the crime took place.  However, that did not hinder my enjoyment of this engaging cozy mystery.  The story had a good ending that nicely wrapped up the story.  Readers will be very satisfied with it.  I can always count on Amanda Flower to provide me with hours of reading pleasure.  Crimes and Covers is magical tale with a secretive seller, a wondrous wedding, a curious crime, an absent tome, a direct descendant, and a hindered honeymoon.

Crimes and Covers is available from Amazon*.  You can find the other A Magical Bookshop Mysteries here.  Check out Amanda Flower's other delightful cozy mysteries.  Amanda Flower has Put Out to Pasture publishing February 22.  It is the second book in Farm to Table Mysteries.  Thank you for stopping by today.  Tomorrow I am featuring The Last House on the Street by Diane Chamberlain.  I hope that you have a sunny day.  Take care, stay safe, and Happy Reading!


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