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The Butterfly Box by Mindy Steele

The Butterfly Box

Book Summary

When the small town of Miller’s Creek suffers great loss, one band of brothers and a pair of town matchmakers help breathe life back into the community.

Penny Lapp thought life was done knocking her down, but when the earth shakes the ground beneath her, she knows life isn’t finished toying with her yet. Everyone she has ever cared for is gone. Now suffering from her own accident while being the sole caregiver to her mother, Penny must find a way to survive the storms God has given her. Giving up would be easier, but when a stranger from the north arrives and refuses to leave, she might just discover she has so much to fight for.

Luke Milford came to Kentucky months ago for his cousin’s funeral. Helping his family with their mounting losses, Luke finds himself drawn to his cousin’s intended. He has never met anyone so fragile, so in need…of him. Penny Lapp needs more than a new roof, and Luke is determined to give her that before he must head back home. What was meant to be simply repaying an old debt for saving his life years ago has now brought him back to claim what captured his heart.
My Thoughts

The Butterfly Box by Mindy Steele is the second book in the Miller Creek Series.  While The Butterfly Box can be read as a standalone, I believe it is better if you read To Catch a Hummingbird first.  I thought The Butterfly Box was well-written with developed, realistic characters.  I enjoyed getting to know Penny and Luke.  Penny has had a difficult life.  You cannot help but feel for her.   Hazel and Rose are a delight.  They are caring woman who love to meddle especially in matters of the heart.  They added humor to the story which it needed to offset the tragedies. The Butterfly Box starts off with a calamitous disaster that devastates a number of families in the area.  Penny loses someone dear to her, but few are aware of how close the two had become.  Luke is a kind, thoughtful, and generous man.  Luke had been exchanging letters with his cousin who perished in the accident.  He knows how much Penny meant to his cousin.  Luke has five brothers including Lewis who traveled with him to help their relatives in their time of loss.  Lewis has sworn off women and he wants to steer clear of the matchmakers.  With available young women in the community and a lack of men, Hazel and Rose will be busy finding them matches.  I wonder if they had anything to do with the ad in The Budget.  The Butterfly Box is an emotional novel.  This one will tug at your heartstrings.  The book transitions well between the tragedy and shortly thereafter into a few months ahead when people are beginning to move on.  The Butterfly Box is a story of forgiveness, healing, finding love, and God’s graciousness.  I look forward to the next installment in the Miller Creek SeriesThe Butterfly Box is a touching tale with a terrible tragedy, a butterfly blanket, a morose mother, faithful friends, meddling matchmakers, a bevy of brothers, and an atypical ad.

The Butterfly Box is available from Amazon*.  The first novel in the Miller Creek Series is To Catch a Hummingbird.  You can find Mindy Steele's other novels here plus you can follow Mindy to receive updates on her latest releases.  Thank you for stopping by today.  It is hard to believe that January is over already.  I am featuring Foundation of Love by Amy Clipston tomorrow.  It is An Amish Legacy Novel.  I hope that you have a day filled with joy.  Take care, stay safe, and Happy Reading!


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