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Stitched in Crime by Emmie Caldwell

Stitched in Crime

Book Summary

When murder pierces the fabric of the close-knit Crandalsburg Craft Fair, it's up to the Ninth Street Knitters to make a killer slip their stitch.

The Craft Fair may have hit a few snags lately, but knitting enthusiast Lia Geiger is hopeful her quiet life will return to its usual patterns in no time. Her daughter has officially moved back home, and sure, the house is a little crowded with Hayley's take-home work from the alpaca farm, but that's a price Lia will happily pay. All seems well until Cori Littlefield, a new vendor with a gift for crochet, is found dead, sending shock waves through all of Crandalsburg.

What begins as a tragic accident turns into a snarled spool of lies that only the combined efforts of the Ninth Street Knitters can untangle. When Lia makes a connection between Cori's death and a decades-old murder, it's up to her to weave together the clues and find the truth.

My Thoughts

Stitched in Crime by Emmie Caldwell has Lia solving the murder of fellow crafter, Cori Littlefield.  Stitched in Crime is the second A Craft Fair Knitters Mystery and it can be read as a standalone.  The story contains good writing with medium pacing.  The characters are realistic and relatable.  They are, though, still works in progress.  I feel the characters especially the background characters need more development.  It can be hard to keep track of the various secondary characters because there are so many of them.  I thoroughly enjoyed the descriptions of Cori’s crocheted items.  They sounded amazing.  The mystery was thought out with good clues, several suspects, and a red herring.  Cori was a talented artist, but she had an issue from her childhood that troubled her.  It led to the woman having problems as an adult.  It depends on your sleuthing level on how soon you solve this whodunit.  I thought one suspect stood out above the others.  The case was neatly wrapped up at the end.  I like the Ninth Street Knitters.  They are a great bunch of people who create lovely knitted items.  It is great how Lia and the group work to solve the case (they are a clever bunch who do not let grass grow under their feet).  Stitched in Crime is a creative cozy with a creative crocheter who is now a corpse, a daughter’s muddled mess, a confusing cold case, messy memories, delicious dinners, an awful accident, and a frustrating fundraiser.  

Stitched in Crime is available from Amazon*.  The first A Craft Fair Knitters Mystery is A Wicked Yarn.  Follow Emmie Caldwell to receive updates on her latest release.  Emmie Caldwell aka Mary Ellen Hughes can be found here on Amazon.  Thank you for taking the time out of  your day to read my review.  I would appreciate it if you follow my blog.  Tomorrow I am featuring Hot and Sour Suspects by Vivien Chien.  It is the eighth A Noodle Shop Mystery.  My mother just loves Kindle Unlimited.  She has been reading books from the KU section for the last two years.  My mother enjoys paranormal tales (witch books are her favorite).  Have you checked out Kindle Unlimited?  Thousands of books are available to read.  Click here for more information.  I hope that you have a relaxing day.  Take care, stay safe, and Happy Reading!


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