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Show Me the Bunny by Laurien Berenson

 Show Me the Bunny
Book Summary

Melanie Travis is gifted at raising prize-winning Standard Poodles, not standing in as the Easter Bunny. But when March in Connecticut brings daffodils and dead bodies, she’ll need to hop into action—and fast . . .
Aunt Rose already has a strike against her for not being too fond of dogs—or Aunt Peg. But Melanie still agrees to organize Easter festivities at Gallagher House, the new women’s shelter opened by the stern former nun, even if it takes all the jellybeans in Greenwich to sweeten the arrangement. No sooner does Melanie arrive to dye multicolor eggs and stuff baskets, than she learns devasting news about Beatrice Gallagher, the respected benefactor of the estate. Beatrice has fallen to her death, and the circumstances are shocking . . .  
No one can say why or how charitable Beatrice got pushed into an early grave. Yet for a supposedly warm and generous philanthropist, rumors have her pinned as an overbearing manipulator who used money to control the unfortunate few trapped in her inner circle. Facing an uncertain future as danger lurks around Gallagher House, Melanie and Aunt Rose must tolerate each other’s company long enough to discover the truth about Beatrice’s true nature and identify a vengeful killer—before another person’s idyllic spring break becomes a serious nightmare . . .
My Thoughts

Show Me the Bunny by Laurien Berenson has Melanie Travis steamrolled by her Aunt Rose into giving up her spring break to organize an Easter egg hunt for the children at the Gallagher House.  Aunt Rose and her husband, Peter run Gallagher House which is a home for abused woman.  They named the house after their patroness Beatrice Gallagher.  Melanie is at Gallagher House the next day waiting to meet Beatrice.  Instead of Beatrice, Detective Sturgill arrives.  Beatrice was found dead in her home that morning from a fall.  Detective Sturgill shares few details with Melanie, but she can tell that he believes the death was under suspicious circumstances.  It appears that Rose is at the top of the suspect list thanks to the victim’s callous son.  He gives Rose and Peter a month to move out of Gallagher House.  Melanie needs to hop to it and learn all she can about the victim.  She needs to keep degging for the wrong doer before Rose becomes the next fatality.  Can Melanie get on the killer’s trail and lure him out before the Easter egg hunt? 

Show Me the Bunny by Laurien Berenson is the 28th A Melanie Travis Canine Mystery.  While it can be read as a standalone, I highly recommend reading this entire series.  It will allow you to get to know the people and their canines.  I love visiting Melanie and her family.  I am guaranteed to have a good time when I open one of Laurien Berenson’s books.  The characters are realistic and developed.  Melanie has a caring, patient husband and two great kids.  Little Kevin is a precocious six-year-old.  Melanie has had Aunt Peg to run roughshod over her for years and now Aunt Rose has moved nearby.  It was so kind of Aunt Peg to volunteer Melanie to help with the Easter celebration at Gallagher House (instead of letting her have a relaxing spring break).  The mystery was fun to follow.  I admit that I was able to solve the whodunit early in the book, but I was not sure as to the why until later on.  I enjoyed the investigation and Melanie’s interactions with Detective Sturgill.  I laughed often while reading Show Me the Bunny.  I just love the dogs and I enjoyed meeting the newest addition, Plum.  You can count on Bud to create chaos as well as Kevin.  I just love the interactions between Melanie and her favorite Standard Poodle, Faith.  I am eager to read Peg and Rose Solve a Murder.  Show Me the Bunny is an eggcelent tale with the rigid Aunt Rose, playful poodles, erecting a tree house, colorful egg creations, a fatal fall, a disobliging detective, and a curious Kevin.

Show Me the Bunny is out today and available from Amazon*.  You can find the other A Melanie Travis Canine Mysteries here.  Aunt Rose and Aunt Peg are to have their own book.  Peg and Rose Solve a Murder publishes August 30, and it can be pre-ordered now.  Follow Laurien Berenson on Amazon to receive updates on her latest book releases.  
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