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The Amish Matchmaking Dilemma by Patricia Johns

 The Amish Matchmaking Dilemma

Book Summary

They’re not compatible on paper…

But might be the perfect match.

Amish bachelor Mose Klassen knows what he needs in a wife—someone quiet and traditional, the exact opposite of Naomi Peachy. His lifelong stutter has made him reserved, but when his childhood friend volunteers as his speaking tutor, Mose can’t help but be drawn to the outgoing woman. Naomi’s progressive views mean she’ll never make his matchmaker’s list…but could an unexpected match be his perfect fit?

My Thoughts

The Amish Matchmaking Dilemma by Patricia Johns is a sweet story.  I enjoyed getting to know Mose and Naomi.  They are two people who are opposites, but they enjoy each other’s company.  They were friends as children and are getting a chance to reconnect.  Mose Klassen is in town to fill in for his uncle who takes tourists on tours of Amish businesses in a buggy.  He is also hoping that the matchmaker, Adel can find him a wife.  The only problem is that Mose stutters.  He has had the problem his whole life.  Naomi is the one person he is able to talk to without as much difficulty.  Adel is hoping Naomi can help Mose become more comfortable talking to women.  Naomi is an outspoken individual with a liberal viewpoint while Mose is quiet and conservative.  Despite their differences, they are drawn to each other.  

I thought the story moved along at a gentle pace.  The book takes place over the two weeks that Mose is in town.  The Amish Matchmaking Dilemma is the first book in the Amish Country Matches series.  I like that we get to catch up with Adel and Jake from The Amish Matchmaker’s Choice (you do not need to read this book first).  I enjoyed reading this uplifting story.  We get to see that despite a person’s “flaws” there is a match for them.  Naomi tends to speak before she thinks, has curly red hair that does not like to be tamed, has liberal views, an excellent cook, and is a full-figured woman.  Mose is a smart, quiet man who is conservative.  Mose’s stutter makes his difficult for him to voice his thoughts, but he can express them in written form. I like that the story is not rushed.   If it moved too quickly, we would not understand the couple’s differences and see the challenges that Naomi and Mose face.  There is repetition of details (like Mose’s stutter, Naomi’s red hair).  I thought the ending was sweet.  The faith element was well-done.  We see that Naomi and Mose are people of deep faith.  They believe that God will direct or guide them.  The author shows us Amish values and how their faith is shown in everything they do.  I enjoyed The Amish Matchmaking Dilemma. I am looking forward to reading the next Amish Country Matches novel.  The Amish Matchmaking Dilemma is a satisfying story with a stutter snag, a chatty Kathy, a teen trouble, delectable delights, tourist trips, and a matchmaking conundrum.  

The Amish Matchmaking Dilemma is available from Amazon*.  The Amish Matchmaker's Choice is Adel and Jake's story (Adel is the Amish matchmaker).  Patricia Johns has Her Amish Country Valentine coming out on March 28, 2023.  It is the beginning of The Butternut Amish B&B series.  You can follow Patricia Johns on Amazon and you will receive an email when she has a new book release.  Thank you for joining me today.  I mentioned yesterday that I needed to find storage space for all of my Halloween decorations.  I have them hidden (mostly under my bed and my mother's--which she is unaware of).  Then today came a batch of new boxes with more decorations (I could not resist some-well, three-of the cute Halloween inflatables).  I am trying to hide this batch under a living room chair.  At this rate, I will be able to decorate our whole street (I would love to see every house with at least one inflatable).  I hope that you have a glorious day.  Take care, stay cool, and Happy Reading!


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