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Peg and Rose Solve a Murder by Laurien Berenson

 Peg and Rose Solve a Murder
Book Summary

Murder, She Wrote meets The Golden Girls in the award-winning author’s brand-new series! Two cantankerous septuagenarians, opposites in every way, put aside their differences to stop a killer… if they don’t throttle each other first!
Rose Donovan looks for the good in everyone. With her sister-in-law, Peg, that sometimes requires a lot of searching. Even a sixty-something former nun like Rose has her limits, and gruff Peg Turnbull sure knows how to push them. But after forty years of bickering, they’re attempting to start over, partnering up to join the local bridge club.
Peg and Rose barely have a chance to celebrate their first win before one of the club’s most accomplished players is killed in his home. As the newest members, the sisters-in-law come under scrutiny and decide to start some digging of their own. Bridge is typically seen as a wholesome pastime, yet this group of senior citizens harbors a wealth of vices, including gambling, cheating, and adultery . .
By comparison, Peg and Rose’s fractious relationship is starting to feel almost functional. But as their suspect list narrows, they’re unaware that their logic has a dangerous flaw. And they’ll have to hope that their teamwork holds steady when they’re confronted by a killer who’s through with playing games . . .

My Thoughts

Peg Turnbull and Rose Donovan are sisters-in-law who got off on the wrong foot forty years ago.  Rose decides it is time to overcome the past and invites Peg to join a local bridge club.  The morning after their second session with the group, they learn that one of the members, Stan has been murdered.  Peg is naturally curious, and Rose admits to being intrigued (she enjoyed helping Melanie Travis solve a case last winter).  Peg is not surprised when Detective Rodney Sturgill puts her on the suspect list. Rose and Peg begin digging into the bridge club members past to see who had motive to harm Stan.  The pair will need to be on their game if they are to outwit a killer.

Peg and Rose Solve a Murder by Laurien Berenson is the debut of A Senior Sleuths Mysteries.  I enjoyed reading this entertaining cozy mystery.  We get to know Peg and Rose.  We learn what caused a rift between them over forty years ago.  The author sets the stage before she begins the mystery.  The whodunit commences about a third of the way into the book.  Both women are curious about the crime.  When they learn that Detective Sturgill is asking questions about Peg, the women decide to do some sleuthing of their own.  I like that each woman has her own investigative style.  Rose is more laid back, casual, and indirect while Peg is like Sherman marching to the sea.  There are several suspects, a red herring or two, and subtle clues.  This was a fun mystery to solve.  The clues were well-done.  The mystery had an enjoyable reveal and good wrap up.  I laughed often while reading this tale.  Peg and Rose are entertaining.  They are delightful characters.  I also liked Rose’s husband, Peter.  The Standard Poodles (Hope, Coral, and Joker) are a delight.  They each have their own personality.  The ending is sweet.  I like how we received updates on Melanie and her family.  I am looking forward to Rose and Peg’s next adventure.  Peg and Rose Solve a Murder is a witty whodunit with an unpredicted phone call, bridge club blunders, delightful dog show days, a card player killed, sinful sweets, suspicious suspects, and two senior sleuths.  

Peg and Rose Solve a Murder will be out Tuesday, August 30 and it can be preordered from Amazon*.  Laurien Berenson has Killer Cupid (the latest A Melanie Travis Mystery) coming out on December 27.  You can find Laurien Berenson's other novels here.   Thank you for taking time out of your day to stop by.  I have been laid up the last few days.  I was standing at the sink (not moving) when I felt the muscles on the left side of my back knot up.  The pain was immediate and very unpleasant.  It certainly makes things difficult when you cannot bend over or walk normally.  After four days, I can walk without grimacing (or wanting to scream like the first day).  Tomorrow I will share my thoughts on A Colorful Scheme by Krista Davis.  It is the 4th A Pen & Ink Mystery.  The one good thing about being laid up is that I had plenty of time to read!  I hope that you have relaxing day.  Take care, stay cool, and Happy Reading!


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