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An Amish Year

Happy Humbug Day!  Are you frustrated?  Tired of all the hard work to get ready for the holidays?  Today is the day to vent!  Get it all out and then put on a smile again tomorrow!  I have been frustrated with my big tree, but I am finally done with the lights!  Hooray!  I did not think I would ever get it done.  I will share pictures soon!  Now I get to do the fun part which is putting the ornaments on the tree.  

An Amish Year by Beth Wiseman contains four novellas.  The four stories are Rooted in Love, A Love for Irma Rose, Patchwork Perfect (my favorite), and When Christmas Comes Again.  In Rooted in Love Rosemary Lantz and Saul Petersheim dated when they were teenagers.  Then Rosemary unexpectedly broke up with Saul and refused to give a good reason.  Rosemary is hiding a secret.  Saul still loves Rosemary and wants to spend his life with her.  Can Saul break through Rosemary defenses (and bitterness) so they have a life together?  What is Rosemary’s secret?

The second story is A Love for Irma Rose is set in 1957.  Irma Rose Kauffman likes adventure. She is a spirited girl.  Jonas Miller knew Irma Rose was the girl for him as soon as he met her. He has waited two years to court her.  Jonas, though, likes fast things and tends to make the wrong choices (gets into trouble).  Can Jonas convince Irma Rose to give him a chance?  Will Irma Rose pick the safe path or pick Jonas (one adventure after another their whole life)?

Patchwork Perfect was my favorite story in the novel (I wish it had been longer).  Eli Byler has just moved with his two children (Grace and Ben) to Paradise, Pennsylvania in Lancaster County.  He felt they needed a change after his wife passed away in a buggy accident.  Eli is looking for a new wife and mother for his children.  He is introduced to the two widows in the community.  However, Eli is attracted to Miriam Fisher.  Miriam is unusual for an Amish woman.  She is eccentric, plays baseball with boys on Saturdays, and she does not cook nor garden.  Miriam does, though, have a big heart. She looks out for the children in the community and makes beautiful story quilts.  While Miriam may seem the wrong choice for a wife, she may be the right choice for Eli and his family.  But Miriam does not wish to marry.  Can Eli change her mind?

When Christmas Comes Again is set in Paradise, Pennsylvania.  Katherine Zook lost her husband in an accident.  Katherine has four children:  Mary Carol, Stephen, Linda, and Gideon.  They are all having a difficult time coping and Katherine knows that Christmas will not be easy for any of them.   Katherine discovers a stranger following her. He has pictures of her late husband.  This stranger may be the answer to their prayers as he helps each of them heal during the special time of year.

An Amish Year is a great novel to read at this time of year (or any time).  All of the stories have good characters, beautiful settings, and lovely messages.  They book will fill your heart with warmth.  They writing is very good (as always).  Beth Wiseman manages to bring her characters to life.  They feel like real people that you want to meet.  I give An Amish Year 5 out of 5 stars.

Each of the books in this novel can be purchased separately if you do not want to read all of them.  You can also follow Beth Wiseman on Amazon to get updates on her latest releases.  I received a complimentary copy of An Amish Year from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.

Thank you for stopping by and checking out my review.  I am off to put ornaments on the tree.  I hope all of you have a nice, relaxing evening! Take care and Happy Reading!

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