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Upon a Spring Breeze: An Every Amish Season Novel

It's Friday!  Sweet Tea and Spirits by Angie Fox will be published on Tuesday, April 25.  It is the fifth book The Southern Ghost Hunter Mysteries.  It is a delightful and humorous paranormal mystery series. It is not yet listed on Amazon for pre-order (it gets listed close to the release date).  If you enjoy reading paranormal books, take a moment to check out The Southern Ghost Hunter Mysteries.

Upon A Spring Breeze by Kelly Irvin is first book in An Every Amish Season Novel series.  Bess Weaver is twenty years old and has been married for a year to Caleb.  Bess is pregnant with their first child.  They have been living with Caleb’s parents while Caleb builds their home.  Bess is waiting for Caleb to return home after spending the day helping his best friend, Aidan Graber.  Bess hears the door and expects Caleb to come walking through it.   Instead, it is Aidan with a troubled, distraught expression on his face.  A truck hit Caleb’s buggy on the slick roads and Caleb died in Aidan’s arms.  Bess cannot believe she lost her husband so soon and is struck down with grief.  Bess’ parents arrive from Haven, Kansas for the funeral.  They want Bess to return with them, but Bess does not wish to leave Jamesport, Missouri.  Aidan feels that the accident is his fault because Caleb had run an errand for him.  Aidan cares for Bess (has for many years), and he promised Caleb he would watch out for her.  Bess gives birth to a boy that she names Joshua.  Weeks later Bess is at the local nursery purchasing flowers when she meets Dusty Lake.  He is a friendly, knowledgeable employee, and he actually makes Bess laugh (first time since Caleb’s death).  Bess decides to get a job.  A few days later, Bess is applying for a position at the Heartland Bed and Breakfast.  The new owners are Minerva and Gavin Lake, Dusty’s parents.  But some people do not approve of Bess’ job or her new friend.  Bess’ fate is no longer her own thanks to Bishop Freeman. Bess will be leaving town unless someone finds a good reason for her to stay in Jamesport!

Upon A Spring Breeze is nicely written, has a good pace, and a good storyline.  The religious aspect is light to medium.  Emphasis is placed on having faith and the power of prayer.  The setting of Jamesport, Missouri sounds lovely, and I did appreciate the main characters (especially Bess).  I could understand Bess’ grief having lost my own father recently.  The overwhelming feeling of grief does not go away overnight.  On top of that, Bess had a new and very fussy baby.  Her hormones and emotions are all over the place.  I felt that her family and friends should have been more understanding and patient (instead of critical).   I give Upon a Spring Breeze 3 out of 5 stars.  I had trouble with the male authority figures in the story.  I could never live in such a male dominated society.  I could not believe that Bess did not get to decide the fate of the farmland she owned with Caleb.  When she made a male friend, it was considered inappropriate.  She was forced to give up her job (a woman’s place is in the home and not near eligible Englisch men).  I could not believe that the Bishop wrote to her father regarding her “behavior” (Bess is a widow with a child).  The Bishop would not allow Aidan to accept the government assistance allowed for the loss of his chickens.  How is he supposed to restart his business?  I cannot help but wonder if this is how it truly is in the Amish culture.  I sincerely hope not (can you tell this book riled me up).  The ending was sweet, but it was expected.  I did not enjoy Upon A Spring Breeze as much as other books I have read by Kelly Irvin (for example The Bliss Creek Amish series and The New Hope Amish series).

I appreciate you visiting today and reading my latest book review. I will be sharing my thoughts on Murder is For Keeps by Elizabeth J. Duncan tomorrow.  May you have a cheery Friday!  Take care and Happy Reading!

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