Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Appetite for Innocence: A Dark Psychological Thriller

Welcome!  I am featuring Lucinda Berry today.  You can follow this author on Facebook and Amazon.  Amazon will send you an email when she releases a new book.  Ms. Berry's other novels are Phantom Limb and Missing Parts.  All three of the books are available on Kindle Unlimited (great program).  

Appetite for Innocence by Lucinda Berry is a new psychological thriller.  Ella Stevenson was out on her evening run when he captured her.  She knows better than to talk to strange men, but she did it anyway.  Now she must find a way to escape.  Sarah is responsible for the new girls.  She helps them adjust to being prisoners in the basement (in a way).  Paige is a fellow prisoner and soon fills Ella in on why she was picked.  Their captor only wants young female virgins.  But how does he know?  Ella soon discovers that it is impossible to escape the soundproofed basement.  But she does discover that there is one way to escape, but she must bide her time.  One night her patience is rewarded and Ella flees.  Police soon arrive at the compound, but only two of the girls make it out alive.  Ella is thrilled to be reunited with her mother.  The FBI are assigned the case and have many questions for Sarah and Ella.  Their abductor has alluded the authorities and the house is destroyed.  The authorities will need every bit of information they can obtain from the girls to catch the man responsible.   Just when life starts getting back on track, something unexpected happens.

Appetite for Innocence has a fast pace and contains good writing.  I thought the characters were well developed.  They girls reminded me of real teenage girls.  Appetite for Innocence is a creepy novel with graphic details (fair warning).  It is hard to read what it happening to the girls in the book (I had to keep reminding myself that it is fiction).  I did not, though, feel the suspense (I did feel the eeriness and the creep factor).  The way it was presented made it seem more matter of fact than spine tingling (at least for me).  Appetite for Innocence captured my interest and it was held through most of the novel (you will want to see what happens next).  The reason my attention was not captured completely is the book jumps between Sarah and Ella along with past and present.  A reader must note at the beginning of each chapter the character and whether it is past or present.  I give Appetite for Innocence 4 out of 5 stars.  I kept hoping for a surprise twist instead of the ending I anticipated.  I did like the books message about being careful about the information that is shared on social media sites. You never know who can access your personal information and how they will use it.  Appetite for Innocence is a disturbing novel that will captivate readers.  Lucinda Berry is a new author for me.  I will have to check out her other works.

I will be reviewing What the Bishop Saw by Vannetta Chapman on Thursday.  I must go rake some leaves.  I am finally starting to see my yard.  I have encountered a tiny little bee problem though and these bees mean business (which is not good for me since I am allergic to them--good thing I have a supply of Epi-pens).  Wish me luck! Take care and Happy Reading!

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